Watch|| Teacher sacked after viral sextape video

A teacher by name Mvondo Njock Eric has been sacked from an institution after being pictured in a viral sextape.

He had reportedly engaged in a love affair with one of his students.

According to reports, Mvondo was a mathematics teacher at the Frantz Fanon College in Yaounde, Centre Region of Cameroon.

In a release signed by the principal of the college, the school assured the public that necessary measures have been taken to keep the said teacher away from the institution.

“It should be recalled very opportunely that he will answer, if necessary, for this abysmal and intolerable deviation before the competent courts.” it indicated.

It is reported that Mvondo attempted to terminate a relationship with one of his students, not knowing the latter was in keeping of a video of him having an affair with another student, which she collected from his phone.

As a form of revenge, the young student reportedly resorted to leaking the video which led to the dismissal of the mathematic teacher from the institution.

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