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A budded branch blossoms. Rock group Pérkons concert review / Diena & More Latest News Here


With rock bands Thunder songs have been around for several generations. The first of them went to the group’s concerts in different parts of Latvia, knew and still knows the songs by heart, despite the fact that at that time they were not played on the radio and the group was also banned from performing because the audience was too active at its concerts. However, the people continued to listen to the recordings, which, “thanks” to the first ban, were made in the studio set up in Ieva Akuratere’s home, and transcribed them from one tape recorder to another. Some of the audience were also at the concert in 1985 in Ogre, after which the train was vandalized, and this created an even bigger legend that is still talked about.

The next generations were already listening Thunder as a Latvian rock classic, whose creators are still in good shape to play it in concerts as well, and now also in this status – rock classics – Juris Kulakovs has been with his band for three decades. The composer, keyboard player and concert emcee endowed with his unique fragile elegance has always emphasized that he writes songs according to the principles of classical music, but for the composition of rock music, taking into account its possibilities. In the early eighties Thunder the first part of the concert featured classical music in an arrangement for a rock band, which I would also like to experience again, but this time it is the other way around. And again the adventure has succeeded.

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Basically, the concerts in Liepāja and Dzintari were a natural continuation of Jura Kulakov’s approach to music of different genres (or – to be more precise – without taking into account such a division, which is all the more relevant today, when everything is merging), because every genre has its own values, but this approach has not been put forward as a formal goal, but as listening to one’s inner voice and feelings to distinguish real music from what at best serves as an unobtrusive background.

Rock and pop hits in an orchestral arrangement are nothing new these days, some songs with an orchestra also Thunder has already played, but it was the first time that a whole concert was played in this way. It has been touching to watch Juris Kulakovs with an accordion in his hands listening to what he usually sings at the Riga 810th anniversary concert Balletomania performed by a huge choir who, he said, could sing everything according to the written notes more accurately than he himself. Similar satisfaction was visible on the composer’s face throughout the evening on September 4 in the Dzintari concert hall. In the big concert, his songs were played in two parts by the Liepāja Symphony Orchestra in arrangements by Andras Veismani, with Andri Veismani at the conductor’s desk, his rock instrument group also played in the foreground of the stage Thunder The composition.

The songs were arranged by Jura Kulakova Good luck to the caster and Wedding, which he also conducted himself (the artist is a leader and conductor of brass and pop orchestras by education). During the break of the concert, his conducted music was played The Beatles arrangements of songs for orchestra, recorded in the early nineties in Riga, but published in Canada.

Little white underwear

A couple of previously unheard and many well-known songs gained an unprecedented scope in the concert, similar to a painting that can be influenced by a whole story, or a book from an imaginative reading becomes a theater performance or a movie on the big screen. The biggest concert experiment was A song about perspective (“Standing on the big road of life/ Small, white underwear/ Big, small with wide eyes/ Gathered around, watching” – Māris Melgalvs), which was performed by the Minister of Culture Nauras Puntulis only with an orchestra, Thunder with the instrumentalists resting, but the usual power of its rock sound was still missing. On the other hand, part of Yura Kulakova and in recent years Thunder the part played by the second keyboard player Uģ Muzikant, who is always present at the concerts, in such a concert, however, demanded to be heard more from the orchestral instruments, as the black and white keys left the sounds of the classical piano or organ, and this is something that the classical orchestral instruments are not capable of. For example, the instrumental middle section In the song about the budded branch, during which the orchestra really sat still, allowing the cosmic psychedelic interplay of Leon Sējans’ solo guitar and electronic instrument to shine – this was something new and unheard of in Latvian music at the beginning of the eighties, which sent tickling tingles over the bodies of those enjoying the music. At that time, synthesizers and their possibilities were still something new for us, but the classical instruments heard in pop music are already tired, but times change, and now they are exclusive again.

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With this concert, recognition of Jura Kulakov’s great contribution to our culture does not end. Thunder concerts, because the demand does not decrease. Historical recordings from the first half of the 1980s continue to be released in a format in which they were not available before: discs with the rock oratorio of Imantas Kalniņš, Juras Sējāns and Juras Kulakovas are already available Like the sea, like the earth, like the sky and the rock opera of Imanta Kalniņas Hey, you there!. Classic albums coming out on vinyl soon Lightning down the bottom and Works of art.

I would like the cycle sung by Ieva Akurateres with words by Eduards Weidenbaum, at least in a digitally accessible format, Thunder groups created by the participants in cooperation with the actor Edgars Liepiņa Beyond 88 full archive as well Thunder concert recording Holidays in Roya, in which unheard songs are played, written not by Juris Kulakovs, but by the other members of the band, in order to remain in last place in a competition, but the opposite happened.

Modern activities are important for the musicians themselves and those interested who enjoy them in person, but the historically accomplished and unknown is like a stone around the neck, the inaccessibility of which prevents the currently most active generation from understanding what all this was and still is important to their predecessors. Almost a folk song, with which, with everyone exercising their wrist muscles in synchrony, the Dzintari concert ended as well Ice rink and What’s the time there are great hits known to every Latvian, but that’s not all. It’s great that the celebration has taken place, but we are waiting for the continuation!

A budded branch blossoms. Rock group Pérkons concert review / Diena
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A budded branch blossoms. Rock group Pérkons concert review / Diena
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A budded branch blossoms. Rock group Pérkons concert review / Diena
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