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An Heishi’s family is now in turmoil over her property

TIt’s the estate ann heckWho died of heat and inhalation injuries last month after a disastrous car accident, is the subject of a legal dispute.

James TupperThursday’s probate petition opposing her 20-year-old ex-boyfriend Homer heck Lavon requested on August 31 to be selected as the executor of her estate.

Tupper, who dated Heche from 2007 to 2018, claims that on January 25, 2011, the actress “drafted and emailed a will” to him and two other people. He claims that Heche Recommend it especially to manage its affairs.

Hetchi allegedly wrote, “I wish that all my assets should go into the control of Mr. James Tapper to be used for my children’s upbringing and then to be given to the children.”

Tapper argues that Lavon’s petition, which falsely claimed Heche died intestate, should be rejected in order to respect Heche’s ultimate intentions. He questioned Levon’s ability to the job and his motives.

“Homer is not fit to be appointed as the personal representative of this estate. He is only 20 years old and is unemployed and away from [Heche] At the time of her death due to his dropping out of college and not working to support himself,” Tauber’s petition filed by his attorney. Christopher B. Johnson States.

“The role of administrator requires someone with more experience and development, as the assets of the estate require management and collection by someone with the required experience. Homer’s lack of assets and income also means that he will not be able to obtain the deed, in fact his petition requests that no deed be carried forward, which is Unacceptable [Tupper]’ says the deposit.

James Tapper will take over as executor if proven legitimate

Tupper claims that Laffoon skipped dinner with Atlas and Tupper on August 25, leaving the two to wait 90 minutes for him at a restaurant, as well as a grief therapy appointment with his younger brother after their mother’s death.

“This is especially troublesome given that Atlas is 13 years old, who was with his mother on the day of her death, and has repeatedly communicated with Homer. Indeed, since the death of their mother, Homer has not seen his brother, nor seen contact with him. It is about the opponents that he In view of this behavior, Homer will not act in the interest of his brother,” according to Tupper’s petition.

“The objector Taber has helped raise these boys at a very young age, and cares deeply about their well-being. He wants them to achieve a fair and good outcome from these proceedings, and it is his sole purpose in making these objections,” the filing states.

According to the petition, Topper either manages the estate himself or, if necessary, retains the services of a private professional agent. He claimed there was no “urgent need” to appoint a special official on an emergency basis anyway.

TMZ Reports state that Homer’s lawyers, Anne’s eldest son, “would prefer to see the administration of the estate play out in court rather than in the media, because our legal documents speak for themselves.”


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