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Andor’s first reactions arrive online

Star Wars fans are gearing up for a return to a galaxy far, far away with the arrival of the latest TV series in the series. Andorprequel to Rogue One: Star Wars STori, three episodes on Disney+ on September 21. On Thursday evening, the social media ban on the series was lifted, allowing members of the press who had shown the show early to share their thoughts with others online. As you’ve probably guessed by the trailers, this new Star Wars story is a little different from other stories that Disney+ has released over the past couple of years.

For the most part, feedback on Andor It was very positive. Many praise her new vision of the Star Wars universe, which is more concerned with the unnatural underworld and ordinary people than with light and power. After many shows that focused on iconic characters and popular movements, Andor It quickly proves to be something completely different altogether.

Everyone makes it clear that this isn’t the Star Wars we expected at Disney+, but that’s a big reason they seem to love it so much.

You can check out some of the first reactions on Andor less!

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