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Angolan president challenges Russia to take the first step on the path to peace – Angola & More Breaking News

The President of Angola defended this Thursday that Russia should take the initiative to end the conflict with Ukraine to avoid the escalation of the conflict and pave the way for the reform of the United Nations Security Council.

“Given the need to avoid an escalation of the conflict, we consider it important that the Russian authorities take the initiative to end the conflict. [na Ucrânia]thus creating a better environment to negotiate a new architecture of peace for Europe and pave the way for the much-desired and necessary reform of the United Nations Security Council”, said João Lourenço in his inauguration speech, in Luanda.

Angola was one of 35 countries in the world that did not condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, in a vote at the United Nations General Assembly in March.

Today, the head of state said that “the Republic of Angola has always defended the importance of resorting to dialogue and the peaceful resolution of conflicts, striving for unequivocal respect for international law”.

At the end of a long speech before a crowd in Luanda, in which he presented the priorities of the new Government for the country, João Lourenço focused on Angolan diplomacy, recalling that Angola has played, “with some success”, a role in resolving conflicts in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) regions and the International Conference for the Great Lakes Region.

He exemplified with the case of the Central African Republic, the border conflict between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo or even between Uganda and Rwanda.

“We have modestly tried to do our best, since the solution always depends on the political will” of the parties involved, recalled João Lourenço.

The real winner of the elections and the economic promise

In his speech, the Angolan head of state promised “to be the President of all Angolans” and to promote economic development and the well-being of the population, speaking at the inauguration ceremony.

“In assuming, by mandate of the sovereign people, the functions of President of the Republic of Angola, I declare on my honor to respect the Constitution and the Law, to be the President of all Angolans and to govern for the economic and social development of the country and the well-being of all Angolans”, said João Lourenço.

Re-elected with 51.17% of the votes, in an election judicially contested by the opposition, but in the meantime validated by the Constitutional Court, João Lourenço congratulated the Angolan people, who considered him “the real and true big winner” of the August 24 elections, which he recalled be considered “the most disputed general elections in the history of the young Angolan democracy”.

He praised the Angolans for making “the best options” and choosing “the future of their country with great responsibility”.

“By electing the MPLA [Movimento Popular de Libertação de Angola] and its candidate, bet on continuity as a sure way to guarantee peace, stability and the economic and social development of the country”, he said, also congratulating all parties and coalitions for their participation in the elections, “which contributed to the strengthening of our democracy”.

Regarding his second term, which is now starting, the President promised to dedicate all his strength and attention to “the permanent search for the best solutions to the country’s main problems, starting with the social sector and the well-being of the population.

“We will continue to invest in the human being as the main agent of development, in their education and training, in health care, in decent housing, in access to drinking water and electricity, in basic sanitation,” he said.

And he also promised to encourage and promote the private sector of the economy, “to increase the supply of goods and services of national production, increase exports and create more and more jobs for Angolans, especially for the youngest”.

“Citizens in general, workers and young people in particular, remain at the center of our attention”, said João Lourenço, promising to work so that the Angolan economy “can guarantee workers a decent salary and purchasing power that is compatible with the ability to purchase essential consumer goods from the basic basket”.

He promised to “continue and complete” infrastructure such as the deep water port of Caio in Cabinda, the airports in Cabinda, Mbanza Congo and the António Agostinho Neto International in Luanda, the oil refineries in Cabinda, Soyo and Lobito, among others, and undertook to build systems for capturing, treating and distributing water from BITA and Quilonga to solve Luanda’s water deficit, as well as canals and dams in the context of the fight against the effects of drought in southern Angola .

Gender equality was another topic addressed in the speech of the Head of State, who defended equal opportunities and the promotion of women in the highest positions in the State, in public and leadership positions in different sectors of Angolan society.

And he insisted on the issue of preventing and combating corruption and impunity, “which still prevails.”

“We are all going to work on educating people about the need for a paradigm shift, addictions, bad practices and bad behaviors that have been installed and rooted for years,” he said.

João Lourenço also said that he had “the participation and scrutiny of everyone”, from elected deputies, non-governmental organizations, professional classes, unions, the business sector, academics, churches and the ‘media’.

He also promised that Angola will continue to work to protect the planet from climate change, namely with environmental education programs with a view to discouraging deforestation and burning, with concrete actions to reduce the consumption of oil derivatives and the use of firewood for domestic consumption. or industrial and with investment in clean sources of energy production such as dams, photovoltaic parks and green hydrogen projects.

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