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Atlanta’s fourth season comes 100% on Rotten Tomatoes — which is why critics are raving

Tonight, you can watch Season 4 of Atlanta as it is on Tom’s Guide – with huge hopes and expectations. In the first two seasons, Atlanta was a show that kept audiences in awe. Then, earlier this year, she returned from a long hiatus with a season that seemed pretty surreal.

For those unfamiliar, Atlanta started as a show about Erin (Donald Glover) trying to make things work with Van (Zazie Beetz) the mother of their child, Lottie. Erin was struggling with homelessness, and soon found himself working with his cousin Alfred (Brian Tyree Henry), a rising Atlanta rapper named Paper Boi. But dealing with the bluffs of Al and his friend Darius (Lakeith Stanfield) was wearing Earn down style. Season three saw the trio arrive in Europe, where Paper Boi was booked for a tour.

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