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Bad weather: water bomb in the Marche, rivers overflow, roads like streams: “At least six dead” – & More Latest News Here


from Fabio Postiglione

The alarm first came in Cantiano, a town of about 2,000 inhabitants, then throughout the province of Ancona. We are still looking for a mother and a child.

“God help us”. Riccardo Pasqualini, the mayor of Barbara, a municipality in the province of Ancona, prays and invites its citizens not to leave their homes. He writes it on Facebook, calls everyone he knows. He talks to the firefighters, the carabinieri, the Civil Protection. It’s just past 11.30pm on Thursday. The worst is yet to come. A water bomb in the Marche has invaded streets, flooded houses, and dragged men and women away in the mud. And the balance is dramatic. “There are at least six dead and five missing,” he tells the agency on the night between Thursday and Friday LaPresse Stefano Stefoni, director of civil protection and security of the territory of the Marche Region. Four of the six victims are in Ostra (Ancona), one in Trecastelli (Ancona) and one Barbara (Ancona). And many are still totally isolated.

The worst was feared. And the worst has come. At dawn the damage count has just begun, as well as that of the dead. Among the missing is a mother with a child. A witness, a man who escaped death who climbed a tree near Molino Mariani in Barbara (Ancona) saw “the car with mother and son on board dragged by the river Mise in the middle of it”. A tragedy within a tragedy. And throughout the night it was a chase of news, of numbers. And then the rain that continues to come down hard. The blackouts. The isolated lines. Cell phones out of order. The hell.

The first hints of what was to be over the course of the night just passed came from They sing a town of just over 2,000 inhabitants, struck late Wednesday evening by a water bomb that turned the streets into streams and dragged away cars. Phones don’t work and the Mayor Alessandro Piccini has launched an appeal via social media, inviting citizens to stay at home. In some areas the water has reached the first loaves.

The deluge from 7pm

In the area it had been raining since the morning, but there situation precipitated around 19. In about two hours 400 millimeters of water fell, the amount that falls in that area in six months. And to think that only a few days ago there was talk of the drought that had put the entire area in difficulty. Bad weather hit the entire surrounding area hard, on the border with Perugino: the tunnel that leads from Cantiano to Cagli is impracticable, the Flaminia closed with the Contessa pass invaded by water, the monastery of Fonte Avellana is isolated, as is a farmhouse due to a landslide. Chiaserna and Pontericcioli, hamlets of Cantiano, are currently isolated. Even the mayor of Serra Sant’Abbondio, Ludovico Caverni, asked citizens not to leave the house and take refuge on the upper floors of the houses

The rescues are coordinated by the Pesaro-Urbino prefecture, they are operating in complex conditions: firefighters, carabinieri and civil protection volunteers (who had only issued a yellow alert for the affected area) have been at work for hours. So all night. On Friday, schools of all levels will be closed in all the municipalities of the area affected by bad weather. The flood wave of the Misa River has come to Senigallia (Ancona), a city already hit by a flood in 2014: all the main arteries and bridges of the city are closed to traffic and the toll booth on the A14 motorway has also been closed. On the Misa river some bridges have collapsed in the Sassoferrato area. And in Corinaldo, where the Nevola river is flooded in the Burello area.

Closed the toll booth

The exit of the A14 motorway was closed to traffic in anticipation of the flood wave, which “is reaching the inhabited center”. The administration “orders citizens of citizens not to leave their homes and go to the upper floors.” In the city the Garibaldi bridge is blocked (but all the pinti have been closed) and the Arceviese road is not passable.

The mayor: God help us

«The situation, both on the Castelleone side and on the Serra de ‘Conti side, is truly dramatic and tragic. Invitation, if not absolutely urgent and necessary, not to go out and not to use the machine, it is too dangerous and at risk of life. All available forces are at work: civil defense, carabinieri and firefighters. God help us”. the mayor of Barbara (Ancona), Riccardo Pasqualini, wrote on social media. In the area 4 people are unavailable and electricity is not stable due to “a severe and extensive situation, which simultaneously involves 3 provinces, about 20 municipalities”. Problems also for the telephone lines. The mayor has signed an ordinance, which provides for the closure of all schools for today.

The controversy: tree trunks in the river

The bad weather that hit the hinterland of Senigallia dragged downstream along the Misa river “several trunks of trees and plants that obstructed the bridge Garibaldi, there the river overflows on the right side ». The director of regional civil protection of the Marche Stefano Stefoni told Ansa. “There are also floods in the Bettolelle area – he adds – and near the June 2 bridge (now dedicated to the victims of the 2014 flooding, ed), which is also full of wood”. Some areas (the historic center, Bettolelle, Molino Marazzana) of the inhabited center are invaded by mud, but “fortunately – according to one of the residents – the sea is receiving well the water of the flood”. In the late evening, the restaurant of the starred chef Uliassi, in the port area, was evacuated.

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Bad weather: water bomb in the Marche, rivers overflow, roads like streams: “At least six dead” –
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Bad weather: water bomb in the Marche, rivers overflow, roads like streams: “At least six dead” –
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Bad weather: water bomb in the Marche, rivers overflow, roads like streams: “At least six dead” –
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