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Bad weather: Water bomb in the Marche, seven dead and several missing – Chronicle & More Latest News Here


The balance of the bad weather that hit the Anconetano area in the Marche last night is seven victims and several missing. Four victims are in Ostra (Ancona), one in Trecastelli (Ancona) and one Barbara (Ancona). In the morning, the firefighters recovered the body of a man who was run over by water while he was aboard his car in Bettolelle, a fraction of the municipality of Senigallia.
Except, however, another, which the firefighters rescued from a tree.
There is also a child among the 3 missing in Barbara, one of the municipalities in the province of Ancona hit by the wave of bad weather. The little boy was with his mother in the car who was blocked by the water. According to what was reconstructed at the time by the rescuers, the woman was able to leave the car with the child in her arms but she would then be overwhelmed again. The firefighters rescued and rescued her in the night but at the time of the baby there is no trace of her.
The wave of bad weather that hit the Marche “was not expected at these levels, we had no alarm levels. And the flooding of the Misa, in particular, was sudden and sudden”. The regional councilor for civil protection Stefano Aguzzi tells ANSA. In some places, “there was no time to intervene, there are people who may have been on the street or have gone out not realizing the danger”.
The head of the Civil Protection Fabrizio Curcio left for the Marche after the water bomb. Meanwhile, he continues the work of the rescuers, which went on all night in Barbara, a municipality that together with Otra and Trecastelli and which was hit by a wave of water and mud that swept the whole town.
At the moment it has stopped raining in the area of ​​Senigallia and its hinterland but the operations to help people in difficulty after the heavy rainfall, flooding and flooding that have caused inconvenience and victims of the Anconetan continue incessant.
In Senigallia flooding near the Senigallia motorway exit which is closed. The firefighters have rescued some people, including elderly people even in these hours, with rafting boats: in the center of Senigallia there are also blackouts. In the Marche arriving and at work reinforcements of the firefighters also from other regions including Lombardy, Abruzzo and Emilia Romagna.