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Both chargers and heads to prove a point on TNF

Regardless of who wins the showdown between the Los Angeles Chargers and Kansas City Chiefs Thursday night, he could get off to a great start.

Rare is the game where two excellent teams feel the need to prove a point. Thursday night is appropriate.

For the Los Angeles and Kansas City Chiefs Chargers, Week 2 collides in Arrowhead Stadium He’s more than just an early lead in teams in the West Asian region, but he’s sure to be close all season. Instead, the evening is all about making a statement on national television.

Chargers have always been an exciting choice for the outdoors, only to fall in love. Last year L.A. ran at 5-1 speed — including a third week win at Arrowhead — before falling back. Late-season games were lost to the Chiefs at home, followed by defeats to the Houston Texans, and not to forget the Las Vegas Raiders. The Charger finished 9-8, and missed the playoffs.

As for Kansas City, it was a good time to be skeptical. The Chiefs swapped the Pro Bowl receiver six times away from Tyreek Hill and allowed former All-Pro safety Tyrann Mathieu to walk free agency. The prevailing thought in many corners was that Patrick Mahomes would be diminished by Hale’s absence, while Matthew Seychelles’ departure is an already suspect defense.

Then the first week happened.

Los Angeles rose and beat the Raiders, 24-19, behind three touchdown passes by Justin Herbert and six sacks of defense, including three from newly acquired Khalil Mack.

Meanwhile, the Chiefs went to Arizona and hung 44 points on the Cardinals, with Mahomes passing for 360 yards and five touchdowns in the weekend’s biggest defeat. Perhaps most importantly, Kansas City’s revamped young defense allowed seven points to waste time.

Now, divisional opponents are swung under the spotlight in a second West Asian meet, as the team chiefs beat the SoFi Arena in last year’s 14th Week Overtime Movie, 33-27.

As for who is this tendency most important? you can say.

The Chiefs are at home and have a terrifying schedule, including next month, which sees dates with the Indianapolis Colts, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Las Vegas Raiders and Buffalo Bills. A loss against the Chargers, and Kansas City suddenly faces the possibility of fighting the .500 for a few weeks before the agenda is relaxed.

Win, and suddenly the bosses seem invincible again, and are likely to be favored in most, if not all, of the above games.

As for the chargers, it’s a chance to once again take the lead on Kansas City as they did in 2021 and make it significant this time around. The upcoming Los Angeles games aren’t that daunting, with the Jacksonville Jaguars, Houston Texans and Jacoby Brisset driving the Cleveland Browns on deck before a showdown with the Denver Broncos, then battling the Seattle Seahawks and Atlanta Falcons. It could mean winning in Kansas City 7-1 or even 8-0.

However, with the loss at Arrowhead, the questions will continue no matter what happens against the bottom of the Chargers schedule. Are they paper tigers? Will Los Angeles wither again as the weather changes? Can they handle the challenge that includes, from Week 10 through the end of the season, six games against the playoff teams of 21, along with affairs against the Miami Dolphins, Colts and Broncos? Beat the bosses, and the people will have much more faith.

Thursday’s speech will surely be full of declarative statements about the fate of the two teams. The loss will be seen as evidence that one of these two contenders is clearly inferior to the other. The win would be a testament to the Super Bowl’s aspirations.

The truth is that nothing that happens in the second week – except for a season-altering injury – has any decisive impact in January and February. Anyone who loses this game can make up for it when the Chiefs and Chargers match comes up again in Week 11.

However, the victor on Thursday night will prove his point, and the confidence that comes with such a win can propel the team.

For Los Angeles and Kansas City, that boost, along with a satisfying victory over a worthy opponent, is worth a lot on its own.

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