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Capsule coffee without capsules: “Greatest innovation” – Migros launches new types of coffee balls & More News Headlines



Capsule coffee without capsules“Greatest innovation” – Migros launches new types of coffee balls

Migros wants to present its new product to the public on September 6th. But now it has already leaked out that these are coffee balls.

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With “Coffee B”, Migros wants to revolutionize the coffee capsule system internationally.

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Migros praises its new project as

Migros praises its new project as “the greatest innovation in the company’s history”.

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Unlike conventional capsules, neither aluminum nor plastic are used in the Migros coffee balls.

Unlike conventional capsules, neither aluminum nor plastic are used in the Migros coffee balls.


  • Migros has announced that it will bring “the greatest innovation in the company’s history” to the market.

  • Now it is clear that these are coffee balls that are supposed to revolutionize the coffee capsule market.

  • The invention, which is actually still top secret, was unveiled at an internal employee party in front of around 200 people.

On September 6, Migros wants to appear in front of the media and reveal a huge secret: Migros announces nothing less than “the greatest innovation in the company’s history” on. During the press conference, the company management now wants to present them. Now it has been leaked that this will be a new coffee system. The CH-Media newspapers were the first to find this out. Migros recently registered the “Coffee B” brand.

Migros heralds “nothing less than saying goodbye to coffee capsules,” writes the “SonntagsZeitung”. In its report, the newspaper reveals further details about the new coffee system. Over the past five years, researchers at the Migros subsidiary Delica have developed balls from pressed coffee powder at the Birsfelden BL site. These should be unpacked in a cardboard box and would be placed by hand in a Coffee-B machine, also developed by Migros. The coffee will initially be available in eight recipes, all of which will be based on the Migros Café Royal coffee range. They should taste the same as these.

Frontal attack on Nespresso

The previously pressed coffee is surrounded by an invisible shell. This also ensures hygiene. This shell consists of polysaccharides. These are carbohydrates that are found, for example, in cereals, potatoes or coniferous and deciduous trees. The shell does not dissolve during the preparation of the coffee, but is completely compostable together with the used coffee powder. This is evident from the patent specifications submitted by Delica to the European Patent Office, as the “SonntagsZeitung” continues.

With this innovation, Migros not only wants to attack Nespresso head-on in Switzerland, but also wants to conquer the market across Europe and possibly soon in the USA as well.

Waste and energy are saved

In contrast to the coffee capsules we are familiar with today, the new Migros capsules would produce significantly less waste. A large amount of energy would also be saved if aluminum or plastic were not used.

On Friday, Delica presented the invention, which was actually still top secret, to around 200 people at a staff party in Basel. On August 30, the French consumer goods blog “Web Grande Conso” also published an image showing the Migros coffee balls and the machine from “Coffee B”. It is also evident there that Migros wants to market its invention under the advertising slogan “le systemè à capsule sans capsule” (the capsule system without capsules).

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