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Chris Evans' 10 Best Non-Marvel Movies, According To IMDb

The sequel to the financially successful mystery-thriller Knives Out is set to be released on Netflix on December 23rd. The film stars Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Ana De Armas, and Katherine Langford, among other known names.

Steve Rogers aka Captain America, the first Avenger, is Chris Evans’ most prolific performance and over the past 11 years, he has appeared in 11 MCU films. However, there is even a longer list of non-Marvel movies to his name. And although his highest-rated film on IMDb comes from Marvel, his other movies are not far behind in ratings.

Chris Evans stars as Israeli Mossad operative Ari Levinson in this espionage thriller movie, based on the events of Israel’s Operation Moses and Operation Joshua in 1984–1985. Chris Evans excels in serious roles, and The Red Sea Diving Resort is yet another example of this.

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The film proves that Chris Evans is born to play heroic characters, and they don’t always have to be fictitious. The film honors a more mature side of Evans’ acting and it’s the kind of film that provokes thought and appreciation for human life.

Chris Evans plays Mike Weiss, an idealistic lawyer and drug user, in this outstanding feature film that exposes corporate and political greed as a threat to public health. Evans’ performance propels the narrative and engages the audience in the story and he brings in the tension necessary for the plot.

It’s challenging to portray a multifaceted character like Mike. Nevertheless, Evans captures his turbulent stew of paradoxes well. Puncture, a masterpiece that will make everyone’s heartthrob and blood boil, vividly illustrates the insensitivity that capitalism produces and Evans demonstrates his acting versatility and ability to take on more challenging dramatic roles.

For romantic films, Chris Evans’ charm and innocence always work beautifully. Evans portrays Nick Vaughan in the lovely romantic movie Before We Go, which also stars Alice Eve. Evans stands out with his kind attitude in addition to the two having evident chemistry. It is not your typical saccharine story; it is a bright, sensitive, and intelligent tale.

Evans is gracious, polite, and enthusiastic as Nick. This movie puts his acting abilities to the test, albeit with a softer character. Chris did exceptionally well in the test and presented a novel romantic tale laced with a delicate view of love, sadness, and decisions based on deep affection.

The Iceman is a biographical crime film about the New Jersey hitman Richard Kuklinski, who murdered at least 100 victims in almost 40 years. Chris Evans features Robert “Mr. Freezy” Pronge, based on the real-life Robert “Mr. Softee” Prongay, a fellow hitman.

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Chris Evans played a very imaginative role and was uncannily true to the character as a lone wolf who instructs the Iceman and reveals to him more efficient ways to murder. He wonderfully captures the bullying behavior of a sociopath and is unforgettable in his performance, even though the movie is focused more on Richard Kuklinski.

Street Kings is an action thriller film following undercover cops and detectives. The film mainly centers around Keanu Reeves’ character, Tom Ludlow, and Chris Evans plays the role of Detective Paul Diskant as the main support cast. He gives an excellent performance as the young detective who joins forces with Keanu after evidence links him to the killing of his ex-partner.

Although the film’s plot is convoluted, all the characters play it off like professionals. Evans never once seems out of place and is perfect for the part of a police officer. Together with his convincing acting, he establishes authority in his dialogue delivery.

Literature-to-film adaptations are almost always either fantastic or terrible. Based on the French science fiction visual novel, Le Transperceneige, Snowpiercer is a post-apocalyptic action movie. Chris Evans plays Curtis Everett, the protagonist who leads the lower-class passengers in the train’s tail section in their uprising against the upper class on the train’s front.

The implementation of the film’s original plot is what makes it a success. Chris Evans gives one of his best action roles as Curtis and he is still charming, but there is tension in his persona. The actors carry the movie despite the script’s numerous storyline problems. Snowpiercer might not cater to all audiences, but it’s delightful for fans to see Chris Evans in action.

Sunshine is another excellent science-fiction interlaced with a psychological thriller. A team of astronauts is sent on a dangerous but crucial expedition to rekindle the dying sun in the fundamental premise. Cillian Murphy, Rose Byrne, Cliff Curtis, and Chris Evans are just a few of the outstanding cast members. All the actors can shine in their light. Their on-screen chemistry as a team is excellent.

Acting honors go to Chris Evans. Despite the fierce temper of his disposition, he accorded every choice—including some significant ones. He is the group’s realistic member and knows rationality is on his side. The film can make viewers physically and mentally uncomfortable with sweating, tingling, psychosis, loneliness, and pressure. It is also one of Chris Evans’ most iconic action roles.

Chris Evans has given appearances in film adaptations of many comic books and graphic novels even outside Marvel or DC. A romantic action comedy based on a graphic novel, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World stars Chris Evans as Lucas Lee in a supporting role. The movie centers around Scott Pilgrim, who faces off against Ramona Flowers’ seven ex-boyfriends.


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As one of Ramona Flowers’ seven nasty ex-boyfriends, Chris Evans lives up to the label. He makes his appearance in the movie count by presenting a charming yet humorously villainous demeanor. The comedy in the movie was well received. It demonstrates a strong connection to its inspiration, and the actors do a fantastic job pulling off this high-wire act. Evans is undeniably attractive in the movie.

Chris Evans is well-known for his heroic and romantic roles. However, Gifted stars Evans as a single man raising his intellectually gifted young niece, Mary, played by Mckenna Grace. While battling for Mary’s custody with his mother, he emerges as a strong-willed and loving father figure.

Chris Evans proves that he is as good with serious real-life roles as he is being Captain America. Evans as Frank Adler could also be a better alternative to his Captain America role. His brilliant chemistry with Mckenna Grace is also why the movie is so enjoyable. Gifted is a warm and loving child prodigy drama about relationships, and family, focusing on children in these spheres.

Knives Out came out in 2019 and became the highest-rated non-Marvel movie on IMDb for Chris Evans. In the film, Daniel Craig’s Benoit Blanc, a skilled detective, investigates the murder of Harlan Thrombey, the patriarch of an affluent but troubled family. Chris Evans portrays the entitled trust fund brat Ransom Drysdale, one of Harlan Thrombey’s extended family.

Evans’ first significant film role following his decision to leave the Marvel Cinematic Universe is as Ransom Drysdale. He underwent a total change of character, but he handled it deftly and dazzled the crowd. Everything contrary to his Captain America persona is present in his role: spite, cunning, unpleasantness, dismissiveness, and arrogance, and the way he transitioned to this role demonstrates his acting prowess.

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