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Clever plan or incompetence: the purchase of a state-owned company is already raising questions 2 & More Latest News Here

It is planned to spend more than 18 thousand. euros

Delfi found out that this summer the Directorate of Motor Roads of Lithuania decided to purchase services for the preparation of analysis of vehicle fleet renewal.

The purchasing organization intended to purchase the specified services for no more than EUR 18,0150.00 including VAT.

LAKD set the following requirements for the winner of the competition: analyze the existing environment of the transport fleet; to analyze the current state of the transport fleet of the Lithuanian Automobile Road Directorate; to analyze the needs of updating the transport fleet; prepare a short-term plan for the renewal of the transport fleet; draw up conclusions and recommendations.

The purchase documents indicate that LAKD currently has 57 cars. 48 of them were produced in 2005-2021. period. They are diesel powered.

1996-2016 LAKD 7 cars that run on gasoline were produced during the period.

Also, LAKD has one in 2022. produced electric car and one hybrid produced in 2016.

LAKD set the following goal for the service provider: “Analyze and evaluate the current condition of the transport fleet and prepare a plan for renewing the transport fleet, taking into account LAKD’s long-term strategic goals, principles of sustainable mobility, national, Lithuanian and EU pollution reduction goals, and transport competitiveness, innovativeness and economic transport solutions consumer aspirations.”

The documents state that after providing the service, trends in the renewal of the LAKD transport fleet based on research and analysis must be identified and named in the prepared analysis. Four scenarios for the renewal of the transport fleet in 2023-2032 have also been prepared. for the period annually and presented reasoned conclusions regarding the need and possible costs of renewing the transport fleet, as well as recommendations for the customer.

The expert is not convinced that the institution does not know what it needs

Delfi spoke with an auto trade expert who agreed to share his insights on condition of anonymity.

Car park

© DELFI / Josvydas Elinskas

A market expert said that such a purchase is not common. “Similar purchases, if there were, are certainly not a common case. Anyway, I wonder why a state institution buys such a service. After all, who else, if not the institution itself, knows its needs best? Can’t she assess her own needs? It seems strange.

On the other hand, there may be a cunning plan hidden here. Perhaps the institution even knows very well what exactly it needs, but does not dare to buy such cars itself, so as not to be accused of spending. Let’s say maybe she wants specific cars, but they are expensive and there would be a spending scandal. And when the company that won the purchase makes recommendations and says that the board needs exactly such cars, the board could easily buy them based on this conclusion and throw off responsibility. It would be said that it was not the management that came up with the idea that it needed exactly such cars, but this is what the external evaluators said. And then it is possible to announce a competition for the purchase of cars by writing down the purchase conditions in such a way that the winner is practically known in advance. There have been such cases when state institutions write down the conditions for buying cars in such a way that the winner is already known practically immediately.

In general and abstract terms, either the institution is unable to assess its own needs and simply spends, or it knows very well what it specifically needs and is looking for ways to take the burden off itself”, – this is how the expert assessed the situation.

There is no data that anyone has yet purchased such a service

Regarding this purchase, Delfi addressed questions to the Directorate of Motorways of Lithuania.

When asked why LAKD decided to purchase vehicle fleet renewal analysis services, Saulius Janson gave the following answer: “Vehicle fleet renewal analysis services were purchased for the purpose of rational and efficient use of funds.”

We also asked if it doesn’t seem to LAKD that the institution itself should know its needs best and at the same time know what kind of car park it needs?

In response to this question, S. Janson said that there is more trust in external evaluators: “The purpose of the aforementioned services is to prepare a plan for renewing the transport fleet, taking into account the long-term strategic goals of LAKD, principles of sustainable mobility, national, Lithuanian and EU pollution reduction goals and transport competitiveness, in pursuit of innovative and economical transport solutions for users.

In this case, the aim is to determine the best alternative: buy new vehicles, lease new vehicles or apply a mixed model, ie buy part of new vehicles and lease part.

Due to changing economic, geopolitical and other circumstances, assessing the perspective of more than one year and possible market changes, carrying out this analysis of vehicle fleet renewal requires a lot of resources and specific knowledge. Taking into account the totality of the circumstances, a decision was made to purchase these services by means of a published survey.”

Ministry of Transport and Communications

Ministry of Transport and Communications

© DELFI / Šarūnas Mazeika

According to him, this is the first fleet analysis to be purchased.

Maybe LAKD lacks competencies not only in deciding what kind of car fleet it needs, but also in other areas? For example, maybe it is planned to buy other similar analyses, for example, what size premises does LAKD need, how many and what kind of employees are needed, what computer equipment is needed?

Janson gave a short answer: “We don’t plan to.”

He said that LAKD has no information about the fact that someone in Lithuania without LAKD would have bought such a service.

At that time, when Delfi started collecting information, LAKD representative Aušra Ramoškaitė additionally informed that the aforementioned public procurement did not take place.

When asked for what reasons, she stated that LAKD did not receive a single offer.

A. Ramoškaitė was also asked to clarify whether LAKD intends to announce a new purchase. She said she would provide an answer, but Delfi has not yet received an answer.

The Ministry does not intend to buy a similar service

Regarding this purchase, we also applied to the Ministry of Transport, to which the Directorate of Motorways of Lithuania is subordinate.

We asked how the Ministry assesses the fact that LAKD decided to purchase vehicle fleet renewal analysis services? Did LAKD coordinate this purchase with the ministry?

The representatives of the Ministry gave the following answer to Delfi: “All institutions, companies and companies within the regulatory area of ​​the Ministry of Transport (hereinafter referred to as “subordinate companies”) operate independently and assess their own need for purchasing various services, plan and allocate their budgets accordingly. The mentioned purchase was not coordinated by LAKD with the Ministry of Transport.

Companies subordinate to the Ministry of Transport are not obliged to coordinate their purchases with the Ministry, they must be carried out in accordance with the Law on Public Procurement. Subsidiaries occasionally inquire about problematic public procurement issues, but this is not a common practice and was not the case with the aforementioned LAKD procurement.”

When asked if the Ministry does not think that the institution itself should know its needs best and at the same time know what kind of car park it needs, the Ministry of Transport did not undertake to assess this. “The LAKD itself would be the best to comment on the need of LAKD for the aforementioned purchase”, – stated the representatives of the ministry.

Car park

Car park

We also asked if the ministry would agree that other institutions subordinate to it would also purchase the same services? Perhaps the ministry is also planning to purchase the same service?

The Ministry stated that it does not intend to acquire such a service: “The Ministry of Transport does not plan to acquire such services, there is no need for it. In the opinion of the Ministry, the companies subordinate to it should update their fleets of official vehicles in such a way that they optimally meet their operational needs, in order to use funds efficiently and, if possible, to gradually switch to the use of clean vehicles.

Even in September last year. The Ministry of Transport appealed to all the companies under it for green procurement, providing recommendations for the purchase of vehicles as well. Subordinated companies are reminded that in 2021 the Law on Alternative Fuels came into force and by order of the Minister of Transport in 2021 July. the description of the procedure for determining the energy efficiency and environmental protection requirements applied to the purchase of road vehicles and the cases when they must be applied has been approved. These legal acts establish the necessary public procurement requirements for the procuring organization or the procuring entity when conducting public procurement of vehicles or the services provided by them.

Companies subordinate to the Ministry should take into account the above-mentioned recommendations and requirements when renewing their fleets of official vehicles. Companies must decide for themselves whether they need to purchase vehicles or services.”

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