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Competitiveness Award, University-Business Partnership Award: 3 award-winning R&D projects

Three projects were awarded, Thursday in Rabat, during the 7th edition of the “Prize for Competitiveness, Prize for University-Business Partnership” which aims to promote the partnership between the university and the productive fabric.

The first prize thus went to the project “Recovery of textile waste for the development of non-woven insulating products for the building sector”, carried by the Higher School of Textile and Clothing Industries (ESITH) in collaboration with the Center for Construction Techniques and Materials (CETEMCO), as well as with the company “CONEDMAR”.

As for the second prize, it was awarded to a project relating to the “Industrial enhancement of the production processes of the biofungicide based on Trichoderma asperellum and quality control”, initiated by the Ibn Tofail University – Faculty of Sciences and “ATRACO SARL” .

The 3rd prize was awarded to a project relating to “Diagnosis of the corrosion of metal parts and equipment used by the National Office for Water and Electricity (ONEE) and development of an approach to improve their resistance” , led by the National School of Mines in Rabat, Ibn Tofail University – Faculty of Sciences and by ONEE.

On this occasion, the Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation, Abdellatif Miraoui stressed that the ministry attaches great importance to incentives in favor of the promotion of research work and university-university partnership. company, to make them powerful levers of competitiveness and enhancement of Morocco’s position in international rankings.

After noting that R&D expenditure by the company increased between 2019 and 2016, Mr. Miraoui noted that the challenge remains to widen the pool of companies that invest in R&D, and that the latter be carried out on a regularly and in partnership with the university.

The Minister also affirmed in this regard that his department plans, within the framework of the implementation of the ESRI PACTE, to introduce new mechanisms to encourage and intensify the University-Company relationship around research projects and of innovation.

For his part, the Minister of Industry and Trade, Ryad Mezzour highlighted the role of innovation and R&D as a major lever for industrial performance.

“We must imperatively register to follow trends and technological developments, ensure the upscaling of the various sectors and thus strengthen the industrial, health and food sovereignty of our country”, he said.

The minister expressed his department’s readiness to make the necessary efforts to encourage partnerships between researchers and operators in order to further stimulate innovation in the Kingdom in favor of “a modern and competitive industry”.

The awards ceremony for the 7th edition of the “Competitiveness Award, University-Enterprise Partnership Award” also saw the participation of the Permanent Secretary of the Hassan II Academy of Sciences and Techniques, Omar Fassi-Fehri, and the Director of the Moroccan Association for Research and Development “R&D Maroc”, Mohamed Smani.

This Prize aims to promote and encourage the partnership between the university and the productive fabric, in particular by meeting the needs of companies in innovative solutions, through the valorization of the results of scientific research and technological transfer and this, by giving priority to the institutions and companies, having collaborated for the success of collaborative research and technological development and innovation projects.

A total of 22 projects were submitted, 19 of which are eligible, for this 7th edition, launched in a new format and characterized mainly by the increase in the amount of prizes awarded to the winners, thus auguring an annual organization of this award instead of one launch every two years.

Competitivite Prix 1

Since its first edition, this Prize has seen the participation of more than 100 projects in different fields, thus becoming a meeting place for research teams and companies engaged in innovation and cooperation processes.

This revamped edition reflects the strong will of the partners to capitalize on the achievements of the previous editions since their launch in 2008, to strengthen the support mechanisms for university-business collaboration, and above all to ensure the capacity building of human capital.

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