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Cubs make heads turn with interest Tria Turner

The prospect of Los Angeles Dodgers star Tria Turner joining the Chicago Cubs seems more realistic.

The prospect of Los Angeles Dodgers star Tria Turner joining the Chicago Cubs seems more realistic. according to David Kaplan of NBC Sports Chicagothe Cubs are interested in Turner, and Turner is equally interested in them.

He takes his time to consider his options and wants to make sure that joining Chicago will be the best for him and his family, which is understandable.

Turner reportedly said NBC Sports Chicago in AugustFrom several organizations, you might want to know what they’re expecting or where they’re going or what they’re trying to do — sort of a vision. You need to know what the next few years are going to look like and how that relates to you, your family, and your career. It’s definitely a factor in team selection. “.

He’s one of the fastest starting players in MLB, so he’s sure to help the struggling Cubs.

Cubs relegation Tria Turner would be a big win

The Cubs are not as far from being one of the best teams in MLB as the Dodgers. In 2016, they won their first World Championship since 1908. Since then, there hasn’t been much progress.

They’re not on track for playoffs this year either. According to FanGraphsthey have absolutely no chance of making it through, proving that they’ve been missing out on a lot of development since 2016. A lot of that has to do with their decision to trade in their veteran core – namely Kyle Schwarber, Anthony Rizzo, Chris Bryant and Javier Baez.

2016 was Unstoppable Cubs with former manager Joe Maddon. They’ve also celebrated 100 years of the franchise and have definitely made a great name for themselves that they can’t recreate.

They finished the season with Best MLB Record of 2016 (103-58) and won the NL Central Division after finishing third just one season before. Oh, how time breaks.

This season, the Cubs have been below the league average in shooting and batting. Turner would definitely be a step in the right direction. This season, he cuts .305/.350/.488 for OPS from .838. He’d be Chicago’s top hitter if he joined the team now, and the Cubs should definitely think about it if they want to re-create some of their post-season magic.

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