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Ear piercing against long-term corona complaints: not proven, yet long waiting list & More Latest News Here


“You want your life back,” says Linda van Klaveren-Noort. She contracted corona last January and was unable to do anything for months. “The first days I was extremely ill: very tired, had a terrible headache and could not even take a shower anymore. Then you think: it will pass, but it did not.”

‘I got desperate’

After months of persistent complaints, she was found to have post-covid, previously often referred to as lung covid. The GP was visited several times, blood tests were done and physiotherapy was started, but nothing helped. “I was only ten percent of who I was, I couldn’t go outside anymore, couldn’t tolerate anyone around me, was very lonely and couldn’t even walk the dogs anymore. That made me desperate: I even thought of getting a to get rid of the dog.”

A visit to the post-covid outpatient clinic in the hospital made her even more sad: they couldn’t do anything for her there either. Partly for this reason, Linda went looking for solutions herself, and so she came across a piercing in the ear that could reduce ‘chronic, physical and mental complaints’. June 14, Linda had the piercing: “Since then I have my life back.”

Linda is not the only one who seeks refuge in ear piercing, because at the NVS clinic – a company that claims to be the first in the Netherlands to use a specialist tool to put the piercing in the right place – things are brewing. .

‘1500 people on waiting list’

According to owner Richard Jutting, there is currently a six-month waiting list. “More than 1500 people are still waiting for a piercing, and it is getting busier. These are people with different complaints, but what is striking is that we are increasingly seeing patients with post-covid.”

Ria van der Spek of VNS Daith in Assendelft agrees, she too is increasingly putting such piercings in the ear of people with post-covid. “They come to me with terrible stories: they have lost their partner, lost work. I tell them: I cannot give your life back with this, but it may give you more life energy.”

What would the piercing do?

The piercing is done by the cranial nerve vagus nerve. This vagus nerve is a nerve that emerges from the brain and goes to organs in the chest and abdomen. Humans have a left and a right vagus nerve, below each collarbone. A branch of the vagus nerve can be found in your ear.

Jutting states with his clinic that if you place a piercing through this nerve, the nerve is stimulated. That stimulation is said to be “a great way to allow your body to repair and unwind itself.” Jutting states that eighty percent of the people he pierces benefit from the piercing. About twenty percent would not feel any effect.

Van der Spek is less certain: “I don’t have magic wands in my hands and therefore never give guarantees that it works. It can be a push in the right direction, a boost during your process. But you can also be very unlucky and benefit from it.”

Yet there are also other sounds to be heard about the piercing, which is also and especially done in people with migraine. For example, Gisela Terwindt, neurologist and headache specialist at the Leiden University Medical Center, says that there is ‘absolutely no evidence’ for the effect of such a piercing. “It is not a crazy idea that the vagus nerve could be a starting point for treating attack-wise brain diseases such as migraine. But no good research has been done on this yet,” Terwindt tells RTL Nieuws. “I therefore don’t believe that drilling a hole in that would help. If it were that simple, I wouldn’t have been researching migraines for thirty years.”

‘This is quackery’

Terwindt therefore calls it ‘quackery’: “They have heard the bell tolling, but they do not know where the clapper is. That part in the ear is an interesting place, but the chance is nil that this would help. and dangerous that false expectations are created among people who are looking for solutions.These clinics apparently have a lot of persuasiveness, but above all a lot of placebo effects.If you claim that something works so well, you have to be able to demonstrate this in a neat way , and they can’t.”

Also Alfons Olde Loohuis, C-support’s medical advisor, would ‘certainly not advise’ patients to have such a piercing done because of the lack of evidence of its effectiveness. But he also thinks that the vagus nerve may play a role in the treatment of diseases in the future. “This nerve has a very important function in the dysautonomia – the malfunctioning of the autonomic nervous system – as it occurs in many post-covid patients.”

“Looking at the role of this nerve and its possibilities for post-covid patients in a real study context would therefore not be a bad idea. Because at the moment a jungle of crazy treatments has arisen and this one falls under that.”

Post-covid patient Linda also knows the critical voices, but she swears by the piercing. “And what if it has a placebo effect? ​​Then I would say: then it also works? I don’t assume that, and neither do people in my environment. They have seen me change, my life has come back out of nowhere. back I haven’t done any therapy, suddenly I don’t have a fever anymore and I’m up and running from morning to night And I can walk the dogs again, I’m so glad I still have them both. “

Not everyone is complaint-free

Post-covid patient Marianne Bouma does not know such a huge improvement as Linda has had after the piercing. She also had the piercing done to get her life back after a corona infection in care a year ago, but unfortunately she still has many complaints. “But the sharp edges are gone,” she says.

Marianne still suffers from overstimulation every day and always sleeps badly, despite the piercing. Yet she is happy, because she is less bothered by stimuli than before the piercing and is even building up again in the number of working hours. “I can go in large groups again, my husband really sees a different person now that I have the piercing. But of course you never know whether the piercing actually caused this or whether it was simply time that made me better .”

Ear piercing against long-term corona complaints: not proven, yet long waiting list
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Ear piercing against long-term corona complaints: not proven, yet long waiting list
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Ear piercing against long-term corona complaints: not proven, yet long waiting list
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