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Ear piercing against long-term corona complaints: not proven, yet long waiting list

“You want your life back,” says Linda van Klaveren-Noort. She contracted corona last January and was unable to do anything for months. “The first days I was extremely ill: very tired, had a terrible headache and could not even take a shower anymore. Then you think: it will pass, but it did not.”

‘I got desperate’

After months of persistent complaints, she was found to have post-covid, previously often referred to as lung covid. The GP was visited several times, blood tests were done and physiotherapy was started, but nothing helped. “I was only ten percent of who I was, I couldn’t go outside anymore, couldn’t tolerate anyone around me, was very lonely and couldn’t even walk the dogs anymore. That made me desperate: I even thought of getting a to get rid of the dog.”

A visit to the post-covid outpatient clinic in the hospital made her even more sad: they couldn’t do anything for her there either. Partly for this reason, Linda went looking for solutions herself, and so she came across a piercing in the ear that could reduce ‘chronic, physical and mental complaints’. June 14, Linda had the piercing: “Since then I have my life back.”

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