Eatery projects $2.63tn growth for cloud kitchen market

NATIV By Chef Ree has said the cloud kitchen market is expected to reach an estimated growth of $2.63tn by 2026.

It said this in a statement titled ‘Nativ takes advantage of technological advancement to promote the African culture and tradition’.

The statement said, “NATIV by Chef Ree is constantly seeking to change how Africans interact with their traditional belief system, heritage, and cultural values using strictly African recipes.

“It is also set to restore the love young Africans had for their local traditional meals and by extension promote the African culture using a unique and innovative approach, the cloud kitchen market.

“Having grown increasingly in the aftermath of the global pandemic, it was birthed out of the people’s desire to have food delivered to them, to further reduce the stress of sourcing and accessing their favorite meals.

“By this, the cloud kitchen market is expected to reach an estimated growth of $2.63tn by 2026.”

The Cloud Kitchen Founder, Chef Ree, said in the last few years, young Africans have focused more on glorifying French and Italian dishes, rather than traditional African meals and this, in turn, affects the menu of fine dining restaurants in Nigeria.

Ree, who saw this as an anomaly, said African meals were the best anywhere in the world, and just needed better presentation and packaging to compete globally.

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