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[EN DIRECT] 2022 “Face-to-Face” debate: leaders tackle priorities for Quebecers & More Latest News Here

Third link, armed violence or even management of the COVID-19 pandemic, attacks came from all sides during TVA’s “Face-to-Face” among the leaders of the five main parties, who crossed swords around three major themes of concern to Quebecers.

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This is a first debate for all the leaders except for François Legault, who expected to be attacked by the other candidates for the post of Prime Minister.

If the outgoing Prime Minister François Legault argued that we must “find a balance” between the health of people and businesses, the answers were not long in coming from his opponents.

“Roughly speaking, you are proposing to manage the climate crisis a bit like Mr. Duhaime would have managed the pandemic: by saying okay, it’s not that bad”, launched the solidarity Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois for M Legault.

Regarding his project to bring GNL Quebec back to the Saguenay to help the energy crisis in Europe, more particularly in Germany, Mr. Duhaime was quickly attacked by Dominique Anglade.

“It’s clear to you, the environment is not important,” reacted the liberal leader. “You want to take us back to 1950, we want to bring Quebec to 2050.”

On the third link – defended by the Coalition avenir Québec and the Conservative Party of Québec – Mr. Legault and Mr. Duhaime snarled over their respective tunnel or bridge projects.

“Unlike Éric Duhaime, we don’t want to disfigure Île d’Orléans,” said the CAQ leader.

Gun violence on the carpet

A real concern in Montreal with the multiplication of shootings, armed violence was addressed from the start of the confrontation.

On gun control, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois accused the Conservatives of having “people in [son] team who want to put guns everywhere”. “And that is dangerous,” he added after being attacked on the defunding of the police.

“Mr. Legault returned the ball to Justin Trudeau without success when the crux of the problem is the control of our borders. We may seize weapons, if there are more than we are able to seize, it does not change anything, ”said Paul St-Pierre Plamondon.

Health to Prioritize

After two years of a pandemic and multiple breakdowns in emergency services, the issue of health has divided among the leaders, particularly on the question of the private sector.

Faced with the conservative who affirmed that the private clinics would give an additional offer, François Legault replied that they are “two here to agree with the private, except that the rest of us, it is free, the private.”

“You, it’s going to be just for the rich,” said the outgoing Prime Minister.

With very different views on the management of COVID-19, the tone also rose between the two leaders on the issue of confinement and the mask, Mr. Duhaime accusing Mr. Legault of having been the “worst confiner on the continent” .

“I did not come into politics to close businesses and then to put on masks, I did that to save lives,” argued the caquist.

CPE: a situation that has worsened

“The situation [des CPE] is worse than when [François Legault] took power,” said the supportive leader, as more and more families find themselves on the waiting list.

According to his Conservative counterpart, 52,000 children are waiting for daycare.

“Finding a place in a daycare center is hell for the parents and for the children,” acknowledged Mr. Paul St-Pierre Plamondon.

Remember that the leaders who could participate are those whose party has at least one elected member or at least 10% of the voting intentions in the last two months.

  • Third theme: Immigration, language and identity

“Mr. Bourassa lost seats to defend French, you, you gave up, ”launches François Legault to the leader of the PLQ.

“Every time Mr. Legault talks about immigration, there is always something negative associated with it,” says Ms. Anglade.

“You voted against Law 96. It is not important for you the decline of French, you have no solution to offer,” said the head of the CAQ to Dominique Anglade.

“You have lost control of immigration and that has a direct impact on French,” says the leader of the PQ to François Legault.

  • Second theme: Health, family and education

The leader of the PQ highlights the fact that several schools are dilapidated. “How do you expect the students to be motivated if the places are completely depressing”.

Éric Duhaime maintains that the last was “chaotic” for several students and finds it paradoxical that the head of the CAQ is pleased with his achievements in education.

The leader of the CAQ paints a positive picture of his party’s achievements in education.

“If education was a priority, you wouldn’t have kept Mr. Roberge,” Dominique Anglade told François Legault.

“The situation [des CPE] is worse than when he took power,” says the QS spokesperson.

Éric Duhaime points out that 52,000 children “vegetate” on a waiting list for CPEs, despite the fact that the PQ, the PLQ and the CAQ had promised to eliminate the wait for a place in a CPE.

“Finding a place in daycare is hell for parents and for children,” says Paul St-Pierre Plamondon.

The leaders of the PQ, QS, PLQ and PCQ criticize the CAQ’s seniors’ home project.

The QS spokesperson states that the current long delays for mental health services are a consequence of Gaétan Barrette’s reform.

On the question of the management of the pandemic, Éric Duhaime asks François Legault why he was the “worst confiner of the continent”.

The leader of the PLQ wants in particular to bet on the recognition of diplomas to increase the number of doctors.

The leader of the PQ wishes to review the mode of remuneration of doctors and wants a system similar to that of Ontario. He accuses François Legault of not having respected his commitment on the reform of the method of remuneration of doctors made in 2018.

“Mr. Duhaime, we are two to agree with the private [en santé]. Except that for us, it’s free, we pay with the sun card. You, it’s just for the rich, ”said François Legault at the place of Éric Duhaime.

  • First theme: Environment, quality of life and economy

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois and François Legault do not agree on the proposal of Quebec solidaire to tax the richest.

“Your conception of the economy is that everything should be privatized. If it was your economic vision, there would be no CPE and no Hydro”, launches the leader of the PQ to the leader of the PCQ.

“It is believed that if Mr. Legault had kept his word and reduced the size of the state by 5,000 employees […] these employees would have been in the private sector and that would have reduced the labor shortage,” says Éric Duhaime.

“You are being beaten by Newfoundland in terms of hydrocarbons, you are being beaten by Ontario in terms of manpower, you are being beaten on all fronts,” Dominique Anglade told Francois Legault.

On the question of infrastructure, Paul St-Pierre Plamondon accuses the architects of his tunnel of being “the hosts of Radio X”.

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois accuses Dominique Anglade of speaking “exactly like François Legault”, throwing an arrow at the fact that she is a former caquist.

The spokesperson for Québec solidaire declares that he wishes to defend the right to disconnection of Quebecers.

The Liberal leader says she has no intention of legislating on telework.

On the issue of quality of life, Dominique Anglade argues that “we do not invest enough in prevention” against armed violence.

The leader of the PCQ asks François Legault if he intends to make public the studies on the third link. The head of the CAQ insists that the studies were carried out before the pandemic and do not take into account the new reality of telework.

The Liberal leader accuses Éric Duhaime of bringing Quebec back to 1950 on the issue of hydrocarbons, while the leader of the PCQ maintains that Quebec “still has 50 years of growing demand for gasoline”.

“Roughly speaking, you are proposing to manage the climate crisis a bit like Mr. Duhaime would have managed the pandemic: by saying okay, it’s not that bad,” says Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois for Mr. Legault.

Arrival of the chiefs

  • The leader of the Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ), François Legault, is the last of the five leaders to join TVA.

  • It is the turn of the leader of the Quebec Liberal Party (PLQ), Dominique Anglade, to meet the activists on her arrival.

  • Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, spokesperson for Québec solidaire (QS), arrives at TVA. He will also meet the supporters gathered outside.

  • The leader of the Parti Québécois (PQ), Paul St-Pierre Plamondon, meets his supporters as soon as he gets off the bus in front of the TVA building.

  • The leader of the Conservative Party of Quebec (PCQ), Éric Duhaime, arrives at TVA.

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