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Everything is ready in the Zócalo to celebrate the Cry of Independence; Los Tigres del Norte concert begins & More Latest News Here


The celebration of Mexico’s independence promises to return to normal this Wednesdayafter two years of pandemicand an example of this is the trip that hundreds of mexicans from all regions of the country set out for the Plinth of the capital to give the popular “shout” and listen to the emblematic Mexican group, The Northern Tigers live, who started his concert shortly before 9 at night.

I came to greet AMLO (President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador) and even if it is to see him from afar, because we agree with everything he is doing,” he replied to Efe Guadeloupe Reda merchant, who had been waiting since noon for the opening of the security fences to grab a place near the window of the National Palace where Lopez Obrador will make an appearance, ring the bell and give the traditional cry ofLong live Mexico!”.

Accompanied by her children, Guadalupe assured that it was the second time that she was on the esplanade to support the Mexican president, that her family also met for the musical act of the corrido singers, and said that they were “well prepared” for the inconveniences that could happen, because the gray sky announced rain.

We grab the essentials, an umbrella, a coat, some cakes, a raincoat, chairs and let’s go, “replied Mrs. Rojo.

Her son Óscar Murillo, truck driver, arrived in Mexico City from Los Angeles, United States, with the same enthusiasm as his mother to see López and Los Tigres del Norte, of whom he says he is a fan.

A little less prepared for the possible adversities were Verónica and Raúl Delgado, a couple from Chihuahua who decided at the last minute to come to the capital to celebrate this Mexican tradition for the first time in the capital’s Zócalo, which today commemorates 112 years since the beginning of the movement. of Independence in the Latin American country.

“It was spontaneous, I was working and close to September 16 we said, ‘well, let’s go to Mexico,’” said Mr. Delgado, who will be with his wife in the capital for six days and who confessed they will miss the traditional fairs that are put on in their neighborhoods, as in many other localities of the Mexican territory, for the celebration.

Verónica wore a dress with traditional Mexican elements and colors that her husband gave her in Chihuahua, while Raúl found his Mexican attire arriving in the city.

“I’m a paunchy mariachi, that’s how we mariachis are,” laughed Raúl, who was wearing a printed shirt with a charro suit and a tricolor wig alluding to the Mexican flag.

Likewise, María Guadalupe Salazar traveled in a truck with 45 people from the central state of San Luis Potosí to celebrate, for the first time, the cry and be in “an event of such magnitude.”

People gather in the Zócalo prior to the ceremony of the Cry of Independence, today, in Mexico City (Mexico). EFE/ Sashenka Gutiérrez

However, some city dwellers were also walking through the center, before it became “impassable”, as in the case of Edmundo Beltrán, a retired police officer who, accompanied by his wife Leticia and granddaughters María Cristel and Mitzy, seek to continue with the family tradition.

“We are one million percent Mexicans, today the 212th anniversary of the beginning of Independence is celebrated, and this (coming to the center) is a lifelong custom, I am 72 years old, the same as coming,” he said.

At school, María and Mitzy experienced the representation of the independence movement of 1810 and dressed in long skirts, white blouses, with ruffles and braided hairstyles adorned with green, white and red ribbons, they walked through the historic center.

mexicanos regresan al zocalo para celebrar el grito de independencia 3
People gather in the Zócalo prior to the ceremony of the Cry of Independence, today, in Mexico City (Mexico). EFE/ Sashenka Gutiérrez

“We are inducing our girls to be better women, to be brilliant and to progress, how can they be? Preparing themselves,” said her grandfather.

Finally, Leticia assured that at home they would celebrate with typical food such as pozole, tamales and fritters that she would make herself.

The massive party that will take place in the Zócalo will begin at 8:30 p.m. in Mexico City (01:00 a.m. GMT) with the concert of Los Tigres del Norte and it is expected that at 11:00 p.m. hours GMT) will take place the formal ceremony of the cry of independence led by the current Mexican president López Obrador, to later continue with the presentation of the musical group.

With information from EFE

Everything is ready in the Zócalo to celebrate the Cry of Independence; Los Tigres del Norte concert begins
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Everything is ready in the Zócalo to celebrate the Cry of Independence; Los Tigres del Norte concert begins
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Everything is ready in the Zócalo to celebrate the Cry of Independence; Los Tigres del Norte concert begins
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