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Families clash as Zane Wallace jailed for murdering Jasmine Wilson & More Breaking News

The family of a woman who was beaten for months before being murdered by her partner say they are racked with guilt over her death.

One sister says the murder has “left a hole in my heart that will last an eternity.”

Multiple family members of Jasmine Tamara Wilson​ spoke in the High Court at Whanganui on Friday about the shock, pain and suffering they feel more than three years after her death.

They all addressed Zane Paora Wallace​, who was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum term of 15 years and six months for murdering Wilson.

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* Murder-accused’s parents sentenced for trying to skew investigation into Jasmine Wilson’s death
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* Plea for information over suspected homicide of Whanganui woman Jasmine Wilson

He earlier admitted a plethora of other charges, including threatening to kill Wilson’s family and assaulting other people.

Wilson​, 30, died on August 2, 2019, in Wellington Hospital after being taken to Whanganui Hospital on July 31, 2019.

Experienced police officer Detective Senior Sergeant Neil Forlong​ previously told Stuff that Wilson’s injuries were some of the worst he had seen.

Wallace pleaded guilty in July shortly before he was due to have a retrial, as his first trial ended in May 2021 when medical evidence was updated.

Zane Paora Wallace beat Jasmine Wilson for months before a final, fatal attack in Whanganui on July 31, 2019.


Zane Paora Wallace beat Jasmine Wilson for months before a final, fatal attack in Whanganui on July 31, 2019.

He earlier admitted attacking Wilson many times, including in the Whanganui Hells Angels’ clubhouse in May 2019, before the murder.

The families of Wilson and Wallace clashed in the courtroom gallery as he was taken to the courthouse cells.

Several members of Wilson’s family called to Wallace, telling him to “burn in hell”, while words were exchanged as police officers tried to keep the parties apart.

Threats of explicit murder made during jailhouse phonecalls

Wallace has a long history of violence, having convictions for assaulting other partners going back to 2014.

Wallace’s assaults against Wilson started with making her pull over while driving in Whanganui in November 2018, taking her keys and kicking her in the chest.

He repeatedly attacked her in the nine months before her death.

Jasmine Tamara Wilson was threatened and assaulted repeatedly before being murdered by Zane Wallace.


Jasmine Tamara Wilson was threatened and assaulted repeatedly before being murdered by Zane Wallace.

He also assaulted an associate of Wilson’s in November 2018, as well as two people at a party in August 2019 before he was arrested for Wilson’s murder.

He spent time in Manawatū and Whanganui prisons on multiple occasions in 2019 before Wilson’s death and, despite knowing prison calls are recorded, repeatedly made threats against Wilson and her family.

He said he would slap, kick, bash, and kill Wilson, saying on one occasion she was “going in the ground”, and on many occasions described in explicit detail how he would kill her.

The fatal assault started with an argument on July 30, 2019, after which he punched her in the head multiple times.

He attacked her again the next day, shoving her twice so her head hit the wall, the second causing her to go limp.

He then contacted his father for help.

Wallace’s parents and sister have already been sentenced for perverting the course of justice in relation to Wilson’s death.

Leeann Michelle Wallace attempted to pervert the course of justice in relation to Jasmine Wilson’s death.


Leeann Michelle Wallace attempted to pervert the course of justice in relation to Jasmine Wilson’s death.

His father Steven Wallace​ found Wilson, put her in a car and contacted Zane Wallace’s mother Leeann Wallace​, who subsequently contacted Zane Wallace’s sister Stevie-Lee Wallace​.

The trio then worked together to try to hide where Wilson was found and how she was taken to hospital.

Stevie-Lee Wallace also told hospital staff several versions of how Wilson suffered her injuries, which misdirected the police investigation for a while.

‘Her face was a stranger to me’

The court heard 11 victim impact statements from Wilson’s family and friends, almost all containing details of a kind, talented, beautiful woman who lit up the room when she entered.

They also spoke of the pain caused by Zane Wallace’s actions.

Wilson’s mother Brenda O’Shea​ said her daughter had a heart embedded in her whānau, te ao Māori and the arts.

She was a kapa haka tutor, a protective sibling, a “jokester who kept a smile on her face”.

Sister Georgia O’Shea​ said she got into make-up artistry due to Wilson’s encouragement.

“I adored and looked up to her.

She had no idea she would need to use those skills to try to make her sister recognisable after her death.

“Her face was a stranger to me.

“The image of my sweet Jasmine’s face remains burned into my mind.“

“[Zane Wallace’s] violent actions have left a hole in my heart that will last an eternity.”


A grieving Whanganui community, including Jasmine Wilson’s father Chris, urge people who know of domestic violence to speak up. (First published September 2019)

Sister Zara O’Shea​ said Wilson was her hero, saving her life when she suffered a seizure and no-one else knew what to do.

“She will always be the protector of all of us.”

She lived with Zane Wallace and Wilson, leaving their house 10 days before the murder and asking her sister to go with her.

The guilt led her to suffer significant mental health issues, unable to understand why the world stopped for her but continued for everyone else.

“You have taken a life and moved on so carelessly,” she told Wallace.

“You don’t deserve freedom.”

Wilson’s aunty Mary Mitchell​ described Zane Wallace as a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” who would forever have blood on his hands.

“People say ‘sorry for your loss’, but Jasmine was not lost – she was taken from us in the most brutal way.”

She believed Wilson only stayed with Zane Wallace because he threatened to harm her family.

Her father Chris Wilson​ said he had nothing to say to Zane Wallace that could change him.

He only hoped the court would sentence Wallace to a long prison term so the prison system had time to “fix whatever part of you is broken”.

Wallace’s ‘journey of violence’

Crown prosecutor Chris Wilkinson-Smith​ described the murder as a “horrific tragedy”, made all the worse by the fact Wilson’s sons’ father had died six weeks beforehand.

Zane Wallace’s history had to be taken into account when deciding his sentence, Wilkinson-Smith said.

“He has been on his journey of violence, just wreaking havoc to those closest to him or crossing paths with him.”

Justice Francis Cooke​ said Zane Wallace’s background was marked with cultural alienation, deprivation, violence and substance abuse.

He was first given cannabis by his father aged 9 and methamphetamine aged 15, going on to have his first prison term aged 17.

“The fact you are here now, facing the most serious of sentences, is perhaps not surprising,” the judge said.

While it was important to deter domestic violence – an issue Whanganui held vigils about in the wake of Wilson’s death – it was also important to recognise people such as Zane Wallace ended up where they were partly due to such backgrounds, the judge said.

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