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Fortnite pro Josue ‘Sway’ Burgos Rejoins FaZe Clan

Popular Fortnite pro Sway has re-joined FaZe Clan making many of the fans believe it was a publicity stunt. Well, Sway has been a popular content creator and a Fortnite pro who joined FaZe Clan at a really young age. However, this week his announcement related to the organization left everyone shocked.

Read ahead to know more about Sway rejoining FaZe Clan after leaving it some days back.

Sway and FaZe Clan union

Content creator Josue Burgos popular with the name Sway has been a famous Fortnight pro star on the internet. Not just that, in a short span of time he managed to get 4 million subscribers for himself on his YouTube channel. While his Instagram has 3 million followers of him.

However, apart from all these, Sway even got his association with FaZe Clan at the young age of 15 making him the youngest one to join the organization. He jo ined FaZe Clan back in the year 2019. Yet, later he announced something that shocked all his fans.

Sway announced his departure from FaZe Clan

Post joining FaZe Clan, it was on the 13th of September this year when Sway announced that he is leaving the organization. Which left everyone shocked at his decision. Nobody came to know why he took that decision. But just a tweet about his departure came. In fact, his social media accounts profile of Twitter and Instagram went black too.

But back on 16th September, he made a tweet announcing that he is back with FaZe Clan. A video with the tweet came too, where one could see Sway in a chamber where he gets a controller and the announcement comes that he is back with FaZe Clan.

Fans’ reaction to Sway joining FaZe Clan

Though fans didn’t know why Sway left FaZe Clan and why he returned back with it. However, some of his fans are definitely happy to see him back with the organization. Yet, some are not convinced with the way he left it and re-joined it.

In fact, some of the fans of Sway have called his decision of leaving and then return again with FaZe Clan a publicity stunt. Meanwhile, it would be interesting to see what Sway says about that. As fans must be curious to know what happened this week on his side.

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