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From a “very serious error in diplomacy” to “solidarity with the Palestinian people”: the reactions generated by the impasse with the Israeli ambassador & More Latest News Here


Reactions, for and against, were generated in the political world by the cancellation of the meeting that President Boric had this morning with the Israeli ambassador, Gil Artzyeli.

While in La Moneda, Artzyeli was informed that the meeting he had planned with the president at 10:00 to present his credentials had been suspended, a situation that caused annoyance in the Israeli community.

According to the information that came out this day -and that The Third PM– the reason given to the ambassador this morning alluded to death of a Palestinian teenager. This, within the framework of the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

Different deputies and senators condemned the fact that the meeting did not take place, calling the episode a mistake. “very serious in diplomacy” and a “embarrassment” in international matters.

The senator of the UDI and member of the commission of RR.EE. Iván Moreira indicated that “my difference with Israel is known, given my struggle for the freedom of the Palestinian people. However, as a member of the RR.EE commission, It seems to me that this incident with Israel is very serious in Chilean diplomacy. It has never been seen that an event organized with time, at the last minute with the Israeli ambassador in La Moneda, he is not received due to political situations”.

For his part, the independent deputy Stephan Schubert indicated that “the government of President Boric has to give explanations of why he had an act of reparation and unfriendly against the government of Israel. Having postponed the receipt of the credentials of its ambassador, having justified that this was due to a military conflict that Israel maintains with another country. Namely, the President has taken sides in a military conflict without consulting Congress. Why does this unfriendly act with a friendly country have how Israel has been until today? This also has to do with international prestige, Mr President.

The senator and president of the UDI, Javier Macaya, also explained that the “diplomatic embarrassment of the Foreign Ministry and the government aggravates Israel. My solidarity with the Jewish community of Chile. We are a diverse country that values ​​its contribution to the Chilean Jewish community.”

Along the same lines, the independent deputy Andrés Jouannet stated that “again an embarrassment in international matters we are going to live with the government and President Boric. But this time, I think it is the most serious incident that we have experienced in a democracy by not accepting the credentials of the Israeli ambassador“.

The DC Senator Matthias Walker He stated that “our government welcomes the Israeli ambassador. They summon him to La Moneda to receive the credential letters. In the palace they inform him that they will not be given to him (unlike in Saudi Arabia, for example).). In the afternoon the Ministry of Foreign Affairs summons him to apologize. What an embarrassment”.

The deputy of the PDG Smoked Yovana He stated: “Unpresentable, Mr. President. We need union and peace, but above all respect for the authorities and representatives of other nations. These are the wrong signals and it persists in dividing. You represent a country don’t forget”.

PDD Senator Jaime Quintana added that “we must safeguard the quality of our bilateral relations. Unpublished regret suspension of ceremony for the presentation of credentials of the Israeli ambassador. The points of view are represented before other States with more and not less diplomacy”.

The deputy of the UDI Christian Moreira He stated that “an ambassador from a friendly country is not invited to La Moneda to close the door on him. Shame what happened to the Israeli ambassador, Gil Artzyeli. It is not only his person but also the people of Israel”.

Likewise, the deputy from Evópoli Francisco Undurraga qualified as “Unpresentable that Gabriel Boric does not receive the Israeli ambassador in Chile, so that he can present his credentials. Pdte, you already gave him the approval! Govern to generate union, not discord. That is not the way”.

There were also parliamentarians who supported Gabriel Boric’s decision, alluding to the violation of human rights in Palestine.

RD deputy Jorge Brito affirmed that “President Gabriel Boric bravely gave up meeting with the ambassador of a country that today murdered another Palestinian child. This year alone, 37 Palestinian minors have been killed by Israel.. As long as there are those who normalize ending the lives of children, these crimes will continue.”

For her part, the RD deputy Consuelo Veloso added that “Thank you President Gabriel Boric for your consistency. Those who kill, think how they think wherever they live, do not deserve any space. In the middle of 2022, human rights violations cannot continue to be a matter of discussion; the genocides are condemned and repudiated. #FreePalestinian.”

PC senator Daniel Núñez affirmed that “Calling attention to the massacre that the Palestinian people are experiencing is a gesture of humanity that should be practiced every day throughout the world. Well Pdte Boric. All my support and endorsement.”

Finally, Gil Artzyeli was received this Thursday afternoon by the Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs, Ximena Fuentes. In that instance, the Israeli ambassador assured that from the Foreign Ministry they apologized for what happened “repeatedly”.

From a “very serious error in diplomacy” to “solidarity with the Palestinian people”: the reactions generated by the impasse with the Israeli ambassador
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From a “very serious error in diplomacy” to “solidarity with the Palestinian people”: the reactions generated by the impasse with the Israeli ambassador
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From a “very serious error in diplomacy” to “solidarity with the Palestinian people”: the reactions generated by the impasse with the Israeli ambassador
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