Germany: Muslim migrant attacks three lesbians, beats transgender person to death at pride event

Nuradi C.’s residence permit in Germany was recently extended, despite his long criminal record. Celebrate diversity! Diversity is our strength!

“Criminals are allowed to stay, criminals have to get out,” translated from “Straftäter dürfen bleiben, Unbescholtene müssen raus,”, September 4, 2022 (thanks to Medforth):

The reality in Germany is sometimes almost unbearable without tears….

Nuradi A. is said to have beaten trans man Malte C. into a coma at Christopher Street Day in Münster a week ago. So severe that the 25-year-old died in hospital on Friday. The “Bild” describes the course of events as follows: “A. is said to have attacked three lesbian women aggressively without any trigger and is said to have insulted them as ‘lesbian whores.’ Malte C. apparently wanted to mediate. But he paid for his civil courage with his life!”

The report, which is unfortunately hidden behind a payment barrier, goes on to say: “The police file of the warehouse worker with a secondary school diploma is long: in the eight years that he has been living in Germany with his mother, he has been noticed a number of times for narcotics offenses, which have been prosecuted always set. Most recently, the Münster district court sentenced him to a youth sentence for bodily harm. The immigration authorities recently extended his residence permit by another year until the summer of 2023. Reason: Because of the war situation, there is a ban on deportation to Russia.”

I just can’t find the words. I just want to cry and hug the reader and his family. I spare myself any comment – I lack the words and I lack the strength. I’m just passing on what the reader told me: “What is happening in this country is like a nightmare, I often hope that I will wake up and all that we are experiencing is not a reality.”

Repeat offenders who actually no longer have a residence permit commit new crimes almost regularly in Germany. At the same time, many respectable foreigners who have integrated well here and are an asset to our country are being pushed out of the country or even deported.

It is also significant how the “Bild” report misleads its readers: “Nuradi A.” is referred to there as a Russian. Certainly because he has a Russian passport. The first name “Nuradi” is a Chechen first name. And I’m seldom aware of cases where ethnic Russians give their children Chechen first names. Radical Islam is being propagated in Chechnya. Homophobia is far more of a state religion in the Russian republic than the national average.

The fact that the favorite clientele of our “woke” political media complex has a massive problem with their “woke” way of life – to put it diplomatically – is one of the major taboos of our time. Woe is to say that this form of intolerance does not only come from the “right,” as the media would like us to believe. This constellation – woke “elites” and immigrants from cultures who massively reject all “woke” – harbors immense fuel. But in the “woke” bubble, one staunchly resists this fact; whoever pronounces them is defamed as “right-wing.”

PS: My reader told me that he often only had the wish to emigrate. But he was too old and it wasn’t economically viable because of the emigration taxes that would overwhelm him as a craftsman with a small business. My first spontaneous thought was: Here we have a new “wall.”

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