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Hideo Kojima Seems To Be Teasing A New Game (With Elle Fanning)

A new Hideo Kojima game poster, possibly depicting Hollywood actress Elle Fanning, has been revealed during Tokyo Game Show 2022. The legendary developer is well-known for creating the Metal Gear stealth series, along with the 2019 delivery simulator Death Stranding. Back in June it was announced that the next Hideo Kojima game will be built exclusively for Xbox, but now the director seems to be teasing another mysterious new project.

Since his directorial debut in 1987 Hideo Kojima has become one of the most recognizable developers in the video game industry. His first game, Metal Gear, is credited with solidifying the stealth game genre and spawned a long line of successful sequels. Outside the Metal Gear series, which concluded with 2015’s MGSV: The Phantom Pain, Kojima also created two graphic adventure games titled Policenauts and Snatcher. After splitting from publisher Konami in 2015, Kojima Productions’ first game as an independent studio was the 2019 PlayStation-exclusive Death Stranding. While his next game will be built using Xbox Cloud technology, the developer has confirmed that future Kojima Productions PlayStation games are still a possibility.

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Gaming industry journalist and presenter Geoff Keighley recently shared a poster teasing a mysterious Kojima Productions project. …er, which can also be found within the virtual Tokyo Game Show tour, consists of a woman’s silhouette with the words “Who am I?” covering her face. While the woman’s identity is impossible to discern, Twitter users like José Mellinas and AliceAletheia suggest that the silhouette strongly resembles Hollywood actress Elle Fanning. The logo at the bottom of the poster also appears to depict a drawbridge being opened or closed, suggesting that the poster is specifically teasing Death Stranding 2.

While the game has not been officially announced, a Death Stranding 2 leak from lead actor Norman Reedus seemingly confirmed the project back in May. The first game featured an all-star cast of Hollywood icons including Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen, Léa Seydoux and Margaret Qualley, supporting Elle Fanning’s potential involvement. Death Stranding sees players deliver packages across the post-apocalyptic ruins of America in order to slowly reconnect the country via a high-speed network. Bridges are a major motif that run throughout the entire game, and the logo seen at the bottom of the “Who am I?” poster certainly fits with the game’s aesthetic.

Hideo Kojima announced an Xbox Cloud Gaming project in June, but Kojima Productions could certainly have multiple games in the works at once. Based on the logo this mysterious new poster seems to be teasing Death Stranding 2, and the shadowy figure certainly resembles actress Elle Fanning. The star of The Great and The Neon Demon would certainly fit Kojima’s love for cinema, but for now this surprising Hideo Kojima tease remains a mystery.

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