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House Of The Dragon: 10 Best Rhys Ifans Roles, According to IMDb

Rhys Ifans is currently playing Otto Hightower in the new Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon. Ifans is an accomplished Welsh actor who often portrays humorous and quirky characters.

He was nominated for a BAFTA film award for Richard Curtis’s Notting Hill (with whom he also collaborated on The Boat That Rocked), and won a BAFTA TV award for Not Only But Always. Ifans is no stranger to projects with lots of special effects, having played villain The Lizard in both The Amazing Spider-Man and Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Ifans plays one of his most well-known roles as Spike, the quirky Welsh roommate of William Thacker (Hugh Grant) in this Richard Curtis-written rom-com.

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Spike is a very memorable role for Ifans. With his various T-shirts with rude sayings on them and wearing scuba gear around the house, Ifans makes Spike’s bizarre antics completely natural. Despite his wacky nature he is a very supportive friend to William and helps him with his relationship with Anna Scott (Julia Roberts).

Ifans plays rival DJ Gavin in this Richard Curtis-directed comedy-drama about a group of rogue DJs in 1960s Britain.

Ifans shows his comedy skills as the eccentric DJ Gavin. He and The Count (Philip Seymour Hoffman of Boogie Nights) take their rivalry too far, by playing a dangerous game of “chicken” and getting injured in the process. Gavin is also a ladies’ man and has women fawning over his voice.

Ifans plays real-life comedian Peter Cook in this biopic of the turbulent comedy partnership between Peter Cook and Dudley Moore (Aidan McArdle).

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Ifans convincingly portrays the real life of Peter Cook, getting down all his mannerisms. He really gets to play the heart of the relationship Cook and Moore had, which was a love-hate relationship. Ifans puts Peter Cook’s many flaws on display and is not afraid to show the darker side of their relationship as well as the positives.

Ifans plays the main suspect Michael Dunn in the first episode of Trial & Retribution, which focuses on the murder investigation of the five-year-old girl Julie Harris.

Ifan’s Michael Dunn is a complicated character – a victim of childhood abuse himself who unfortunately also abuses children. A role like this is a difficult one due to his clearly villainous actions but with the addition of a tragic past, it requires even more skill. Ifan gives a suitably sinister performance as Michael Dunn.

Ifans guest stars as himself in this meta-comedy series about welsh comedian Rob Brydon (known for comedy series Gavin and Stacey) making a panel show.

Ifans is very game at letting Brydon lampoon his past roles. Ifans is a very effective straight man to Brydon’s ridiculous antics such as quoting lines back to him and at one point even drunkenly kissing his cheek. He also gets to showcase himself speaking in fluent Welsh in contrast to Brydon who is shown to struggle with it.

Ifans plays both Dad and Uncle Dai in this short film about a young boy (Paul Jones) in 1960s Wales who refuses to believe his uncle isn’t his dead father.

Ifans shows his skill at playing two separate roles. Although the dialogue is sparse Ifans gives a touching performance opposite the young grieving boy (Paul Jones). There is both a real sense of melancholy and hopefulness between them.

Ifans plays Nemo’s father in this sci-fi fantasy, which stars Jared Leto as Nemo, about a boy’s alternate decisions of whether he should go with his mother or father.

Ifans does admirably playing all the different realities as part of the ensemble. The complex plot includes branching off whether Nemo stays with his father or his mother, and things get even more complicated by branching off even more after those decisions.

Ifans plays Sherlock’s (Jonny Lee Miller) brother Mycroft in this modern series based on Sherlock Holmes primarily set in New York City.

In this adaptation, Mycroft has a tragic background of having had cancer and needing a bone marrow transplant. He has a very strained relationship with Sherlock and didn’t even tell him about his need for a bone marrow transplant. Despite this he does love his brother. Ifans’ Mycroft is unusual due to being a restaurateur and MI-6 informant rather than a highly influential member of the British Government.

Ifans plays Billy Fisher in this 1960s set black and white music video.

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Ifans draws the eye in as Billy Fisher, a funeral home worker in a small northern town. He is onscreen the entire time dancing and lip-syncing along to Oasis. It’s a very committed performance that fits in perfectly with the stylized homage to 1960s British kitchen sink dramas the video is trying to convey.

Ifans reprised his role as Dr. Curt Connors/The Lizard in the crossover Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Ifans portrays his character only in lizard form this time around. His portrayal in this film is different from how his character was portrayed in The Amazing Spider-Man. While in that film Dr. Curt Connors/The Lizard was played more tragic and serious, in this film he is much more of a hammy villain – which fits more in tone with the slightly lighter MCU Spider-Man universe.

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