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How Kingpin Survived Being Shot In Hawkeye

Kingpin’s return to the MCU in Hawkeye was entertaining to see, but it’s fair to ask how he survived being shot by Maya Lopez in the finale. The upcoming Echo series confirms the return of Vincent D’Onofrio’s Wilson Fisk, and set photos appear to show the street-level villain alive and well. With the shooting happening off-screen, it’s clear that he would return unscathed at some point, but it’s currently unknown what his exact fate in the show will be.

After fighting Kate Bishop, Fisk was ambushed by his surrogate niece Maya Lopez. After finding out Kingpin was the perpetrator behind her father’s death, she confronted him and appeared to shoot him directly in the face. Lopez’s weapon was heard firing off-screen after having been aimed point-blank at his face, and a light flashed. Because audiences didn’t see it happen and his upcoming MCU appearances, it was essentially a confirmation that Fisk would survive. Kingpin appears to be physically stronger in the MCU than when he appeared on Daredevil. This sets up many questions that need to be answered in upcoming series like Echo and Daredevil: Born Again. Not only do viewers need to find out how Fisk managed to escape death in Hawkeye, but also how he’s suddenly more durable than ever.

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The answer to how Kingpin survived being shot isn’t as convoluted as it may seem. The MCU has a tendency to revive dead characters or make it appear as if they have died, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Wilson Fisk falls into those categories. In Marvel comics, a particular storyline shows Echo shooting Kingpin in the face, blinding him. Kingpin’s MCU fate in Echo is a change from the comics because Echo footage that was shown at D23 Expo 2022 confirms the character will be wearing an eye patch instead of being made completely blind. This indicates that he’ll have at least partial vision, and set photos from the series show him wearing a comic-accurate outfit without an eye patch. While flashbacks are likely to be shown, it’s almost certain that Fisk will eventually heal from the shooting in Hawkeye.

With Kingpin seemingly more powerful in the MCU than he was in Daredevil, it begs whether he’s invincible. While fighting Kate Bishop in the Hawkeye finale, he ripped a car door off with his bare hands, survived being hit by a car, exploding arrows, and was finally knocked unconscious after hitting his head against a pillar. An average human being wouldn’t be able to survive many of these injuries, but Fisk has always been portrayed in the comics and other media as overbearingly strong. Should this be incorporated into the MCU, it could tie more into Daredevil when Kingpin wore bulletproof body armor under his clothes. This could be the key to subtly explaining how Fisk is still alive.

Kingpin wearing body armor in Hawkeye would explain his survival, but it doesn’t explain how it would make him stronger. Explaining this in Echo or Daredevil: Born Again could give a reasonable explanation as to how he became so physically powerful. Realistically, Wilson Fisk needs to have storylines in these upcoming projects that better explain his strength to make up for his shortchanged appearance in Hawkeye.

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