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Kim Kardashian brags about studying law, but social media calls her a liar

Kim kardashian He was a special guest at James CordenAmong the many topics they talked about, the English host and internet celebrity talked about what profession Kardashian is supposed to study.

I mentioned Kim Kardashian to the entire forum and to people who follow this on 40 years oldShe is pursuing a law degree.

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What did Kardashian say to Corden?

According to Kim Kardashian, before she got to the forum, she was doing an essay as part of her homework because she’s already halfway through it Degree.

“I wrote an article on the way here,” Kim K Show off your show host. Pointing her hand, the reality star explained, “I did it on my computer in the back seat of the car. I got in the car and remembered I have to write my essay. It’s part of an exam.” She was typing on the keyboard.

“Was it harder than you thought? What was it like going back to that environment?” James Corden asked.

“It sure is a time challenge because with the kids, I have a lot of things to do, but I Experience value So much more now,” Kim Kardashian admitted.

“The end goal is, you know, I hope I can help support cases that I really believe in for people who can’t fund their cases or really need guidance, and then hopefully build a company that hires ex-incarcerated people to Help in working in the companyKim Kardashian said.

Social media users couldn’t believe Kim Kardashian’s words

Despite the applause in the forum, users on social media did not believe Kim Kardashian’s words.

Many doubt her aspirations, because it is the same ‘keeping up with the KardashiansKim hates to work.

Her disdain for work was so much, that she was heard on multiple occasions commenting on the topic.

I can’t believe anything you sayOne person commented in a thread.

“I agree. I feel like one of these days, lies will catch up to them all. However, I think so Kim He believes that the image is more important than the reality. Another commented on herself that she’s a woman who can have it all if she focuses on it, helping to sell her brand.”

A third mocked Kim’s comment and Mimi published a famous comic dialogue that read, “Sure, January. “


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