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Kim Kardashian’s earnings revealed sex tape

FIt’s been 14 years since then Kim kardashianSex tape with a rapper Ray c came to light. The famous rapper accused Kardashian’s mother Kris Jenner to leak the sex tape, but it has not been proven.

It is known that the tape was a turning point in the life of the influencer who portrayed stardom after the pictures appeared. It was not only she who benefited from it, but also her whole family, who became famous all over the world.

Ray J claims that there are more videos that have yet to be released to the public. We don’t know if it will ever be leaked, but TMZ has discovered docs that crash the tape’s earnings.

Kim Kardashian’s sex tape grossed nearly $1.5 million

TMZ reached out to an email sent by Steve Hirsch, CEO of Vivid Entertainment, which was the production company that distributed the video.

The letter indicates that the film grossed exactly $1,424,636.63. Kardashian earned $1,255,578.50 in DVD sales, $126,908.13 in Internet sales, and $15,000 in license sales; and 27,000 euros from the international market.

Even more intriguing is the date the mail was sent, as the video was leaked on March 14, 2007 and the letter was written in numbers on April 23. Four days later, Kardashian reached an agreement with the production company and settled on it. from the court.

Ray J admitted that he and Kim would receive $400,000 plus 12.5 percent of the profits. Hirsch’s email confirms these numbers as mentioned by the rapper. What the production company’s CEO denies is Kris Jenner’s involvement.


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