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Konami Tokyo Game Show 2022 live stream, UK start time, Suikoden rumors, Silent Hill, MGS | Games | entertainment

Konami is preparing to host an event in Tokyo Game Show 2022 On which all eyes will be. On Friday, September 16th, Konami will hold two TGS events – one taking place at 7.30am GMT where a “new title” will be announced and then a major Konami TGS event scheduled for 1pm UK time. You can watch the streams of each of the Konami Tokyo Game Show 2022 events by clicking Play below…

All eyes will be on these events as in the lead up to Konami’s ‘Beloved World’ series was back with more details to come at TGS.

This has fans excited as rumors have been swirling for years that the veteran Japanese developer is working on new Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid games.

A remake of the first of three Metal Gear Solid games is believed to be in the works – which could be announced this year as the series celebrates its 35th anniversary.

While there is also a purported remake of Silent Hill 2 and a new main entry in the terrifying survival horror series.

Silent Hill 2 Remake and the new mainline Silent Hill game are believed to be PS5 exclusives and it is believed that they will be announced soon.

So, when Konami announced the return of “Love the World” and that more news was coming at TGS, it sparked quite a bit of excitement, especially among the Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill communities.

Of course, fans immediately tied the dots and thought Konami might spark an ad for MGS or Silent Hill – but the mysterious game they might be referring to might actually be a new Suikoden game.

As mentioned by DualShockers Earlier this month, Konami recently renewed the Suikoden brand before TGS.

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