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Listen to the Chiefs’ Radio Call by Jaylen Watson 99-yard Pick Six (video)

Kansas City Chiefs rookie Jaylen Watson took Justin Herbert home at 99 yards with a pick six and the Radio Chiefs lost her mind.

It wasn’t the most beautiful game the Kansas City Chiefs have ever played, but Patrick Mahomes and the crew managed to pull off Thursday night’s battle against the Chargers with a win.

However, it wasn’t the Mahomes or crime that saved the situation. The league’s eighth-best player in the league according to the PFF still made some absolutely unrealistic throws to drag his team back into the game, but it was a defensive game that turned the game into a cent.

Rookie Jaylen Watson picked Justin Herbert on what looked like a motor that would end in a dip and took her 99 yards the other way. The interception not only stopped the Chargers’ momentum in its tracks, but it ended up being the last pendulum swing of the game and ensured that the Chiefs were on the right side of it.

The Kansas City Chiefs radio call to pick six Jalen Watson was crazy

Mitch Holthus was on the Chiefs radio broadcast for the sixth set and his vociferous call to the play pretty much says it all:

This is one of those plays where the additional structure of the context makes it so much better than it was at the surface level.

Watson is more than just a rookie, he’s a seventh-round pick who shouldn’t have been on the field in this situation. Trent McDuffie left the match due to an injury, creating a hole that Watson filled and then some.

His way into tonight could have looked different, too. Dan Bruegler from the athlete Draw the contextual picture that will make Chiefs fans love Watson even more.

“Three years ago, Jaylen Watson was working at Wendy’s while trying to find a place to continue playing football,” Brugler explained. “Tonight, he has 99 yards of INT for Justin Herbert in his second NFL career. Perseverance would be an understatement.”

Just absolutely unbelievable.

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