More Calls to Investigate Kennedy Stewart’s Fundraising Practices

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One of Vancouver’s mayor’s political enemies, Kennedy Stewart, has called for further investigation into a mysterious document discovered last week that appears to link the mayor’s chief of staff to an aggressive fundraising campaign targeting key property developers. the city.

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On Thursday, Colleen Hardwick — who is running against Stewart in next month’s municipal elections under the TEAM for a Livable Vancouver flag — called on Vancouver’s integrity commissioner Lisa Southern to determine whether Neil Monckton, the mayor’s chief of staff, has falsely raised money for his boss in recent months.

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According to Stewart’s political party, Forward Together, Monckton, who has been politically active for many years, didn’t begin unpaid leave until Sept. 10 so he could work on Stewart’s campaign.

The spreadsheet in question was recently found near City Hall and appears to be Kennedy Stewart’s list of high-profile developers and businessmen collectively asked to raise $738,500 for the Forward Together election campaign.

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Stewart’s alleged list includes 37 big names in Vancouver’s business world — including Francesco Aquilini and even former Vision Vancouver councilor Raymond Louie who is now the CEO of a real estate development company — who have been asked to raise money for the party and even record how much. they have increased so far.

Stewart himself campaigned against corporate donations in 2018.

TEAM had already asked Elections BC to examine the spreadsheet and has now asked the Vancouver Integrity Commissioner to do the same.

Forward Together says it adheres to all the rules. big fDonations from foreign corporations, corporations and unions have been banned in BC politics since 2017 and personal donations are now limited to $1,250 per person per party.

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This came after the Wild West fundraising practices of former Vancouver political powerhouse Vision Vancouver under Gregor Robertson, where developers were openly courted over large donations.

TEAM council candidate Bill Tieleman said the integrity commissioner has acknowledged receipt of his party’s letter and should be able to determine whether Monckton has violated the city’s code of conduct.

Forward Together and rival ABC Vancouver under mayoral candidate Ken Sim openly seek developer donations, while TEAM Vancouver and the Coalition of Progressive Electors are not, Tieleman said.

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