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Our TV expert gives a first viewership report: “The channels are trying too hard, and that turns out to be good for no one” | TV & More Latest News Here


TVNot a TV channel, but the phenomenon of ‘delayed viewing’ is the winner of the autumn offensive. And the intense competition hurts everyone. Those are the two conclusions after a dull start to the TV autumn. Viewers now have a luxury problem: (too) many of their favorite programs are programmed at the same time, which means that, for example, half of the people watch ‘Blind Married’ with a delay.

No less than 400,000 Flemish people who did not watch ‘Down the Road’ live on One. More than 300,000 fans of ‘Blind Ge Trouwd’ who watched the weddings on a different day and at a different hour and thus propelled the program to the number 1 place of VTM. And 300,000 extra viewers for the anniversary season of ‘De Allerslimste Mens ter Wereld’ on PLAY4. The phenomenon of ‘delayed viewing’ strikes harder and fiercer than ever and is turning traditional viewing behavior upside down more than ever. We all look at how, where and when we want it.

Globally, at the start of this TV season, just as many Flemish people watched TV than in the same period last year – only on Saturdays did we ignore TV more. Only we no longer did that on the day of broadcast itself. Especially on Monday, the ‘damage’ was made up for by delayed viewing. In total, good for 1 million extra viewers, who made up for their overdue part ‘Down the Road’, ‘Blind Married’ and ‘Allerslimste Mens’.

Only programs with an ‘older profile’, such as ‘Daily Cost’ and ‘Bokken’ are hardly watched. Of course that also counts for ‘News’ and ‘Journaal’.

Excess harms

A substantial TV offer, because in the autumn everyone wants to score. But that also leads to satiety. Especially for younger TV viewers, it’s choosing, and sometimes losing. You cannot consume both ‘Blind Married’ and ‘De Allerslimste Mens’ and ‘Down the Road’ on Mondays. And who looks delayed, misses other toppers. Trying too hard as a Flemish TV channel and hitting each other hard turns out to be good for no one. Programs eat each other up a bit, viewers miss great TV moments. And there is little hope for improvement. Soon, after the Red Devils on Sunday 25 September, it will even be a choice that evening between ‘The Voice’ on VTM and ‘Hotel Romantiek’ on One.


The figures below are from the period 03/09 to 09/09. The ‘live’ figures are the viewers who watch on the day of broadcast (both live and delayed). ‘Live + postponed’ is the total number of viewers seven days after broadcast.

‘Chantal’, the Sunday evening series with Maaike Cafmeyer, is a bull’s eye. On weekdays it is noticeable that the classic concrete block ‘Journaal’-‘Everyone’s Famous’-‘Home’ shows cracks. The reportage magazine in particular is gradually sinking. And live, for the first time, ‘Thuis’ falls well below the limit of the classic million fans.

Here are the most delayed viewings:

1. Down the Road: 377.756
2. Chantal: 291.680
3. About Food: 125.135
4. Home: 115.545
5. The Repair Shop: 98.656

At VTM one cannot be happy with the figures of ‘De Schaal van Pascale’ and ‘Beste Kijkers’, both of which do not exceed 300,000 viewers – figures for VTM2 rather than for the parent channel. ‘Lisa’, ‘Familie’ and ‘VTM Nieuws’, on the other hand, are doing very well. With delayed viewing, ‘Blind Married’ doubles as the channel’s most watched program: it moves from place five to place one.

Here are the most delayed viewings:

1. Blind Married: 316,469
2. Family: 212,744
3. Lisa: 163,954
4. Lego Masters: 144.043
5. Hunting Season: 106,738

Live, ‘De Tafel van VIER’ and even ‘De Allerslimste Mens’ are not very convincing, and yet the channel is satisfied. The premiere of ‘De Tafel van Vier’ attracted 374,000 fans, although they have to watch it postponed and add up all possible repeats (also in the afternoon). ‘The Very Smartest Human’ effortlessly goes well over a million every day, but only after, you guessed it, delayed watching.

Here are the most delayed viewings:

1. The Smartest Man: 302.169
2. Manhunt: 189.745
3. Ever Free: 156.355
4. The Parquet: 131,796
5. The Table of Four: 69.231


“He has an… interesting appearance”: the gentlemen fall like a rock in ‘Blind married’, the ladies a little less

Sven De Leijer was Dior’s male model on Wikipedia for 6 months: this was ‘De Allerslimste Mens’

Our TV expert gives a first viewership report: “The channels are trying too hard, and that turns out to be good for no one” | TV
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Our TV expert gives a first viewership report: “The channels are trying too hard, and that turns out to be good for no one” | TV
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Our TV expert gives a first viewership report: “The channels are trying too hard, and that turns out to be good for no one” | TV
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