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Queer Eye: Antoni & Jonathan Launch Pet Supplement Brand

Unfortunately for Queer Eye fans, Antoni Porowski and Jonathan Van Ness are not actually dating, but they have launched a new pet supplement brand. On September 14, the two took to their personal Instagram and joint accounts to announce that after years of joking about dating, they were finally together. Fans were suspicious since Jonathan has been married to film producer Mark Peacock since 2020, and Antoni’s been in a relationship with advertising executive Kevin Harrington since 2019. Their Queer Eye co-star Bobby Berk expressed in the comments section that he found the announcement quite funny, leading fans to believe the two were collaborating on a project.

The Queer Eye stars have done a lot more in their careers than star on a Netflix series. Antoni, the chef on Queer Eye, has released several cookbooks and has even dipped his toes into acting and is set to star in Michael Showalter’s film Spoiler Alert: The Hero Dies. Jonathan, who’s responsible for hair care on Queer Eye, owns his own hair care brand called JVN Hair and even has a few books of his own. His 2020 release was called Over The Top: My Story, followed by his 2022 book, Love That Story: Observations from a Gorgeously Queer Life. Jonathan also hosts his own podcast called Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness.

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The Queer Eye stars finally found time in their busy schedules to put their mutual love for animals together and create a pet supplement brand. Antoni and Jonathan launched the company Yummers on September 15. According to the Yummers Instagram account, the brand produces supplements that pet owners can mix in with their furry friends’ food for a more delicious meal. They currently offer supplements for dogs and cats, including flavors like beef liver and chicken. Yummers also offers supplements to help improve the health of the pet.

For their cat products, they have supplements to improve their skin, coat, digestion and heart health. Queer Eye fans weren’t sure what to expect when they first realized the friends were starting a company together. While Antoni is passionate about cooking and Jonathan is passionate about hair care, fans didn’t know how these two fit together. It turns out they had other ideas that no one saw coming. However, they do love their pets, so the career venture isn’t too surprising.

No one was surprised to see that Antoni and Jonathan weren’t actually dating. However, they were excited about the new partnership. The two have received praise from fans and their co-stars after making their real announcement. All fans and pet lovers will be giving the new company a try, and hopefully, Queer Eye fans love it as much as they love the creators behind it.

Source: Yummers/Instagram

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