Queue to see Queen lying in state for more than 11 hours

TThe King and Queen Consort will visit Cardiff on Friday for what many consider to be a historic day for Wales.

For many others, however, the day is important for another reason: it’s Owain Glyndwr Day. Every year on September 16, thousands celebrate the life and legacy of the ‘rebel’ Prince of Wales.

On the same day in 1400, Glyndwr began a 15-year rebellion against the then King of England, Henry IV, after which his followers would proclaim him Prince of Wales.

The uprising is considered the last Welsh War of Independence and Glyndwr has since been seen as a figurehead of Welsh nationalism and the independence movement.

Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, a number of Glyndwr Day events were canceled, sparking disappointment and anger in some communities.

But as Charles and Camilla are led in a procession through the Welsh capital, some have vowed to continue their Glyndwr Day traditions.

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