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Shannon Sharp slams Brett Favre for her involvement in the welfare scandal

The End of the Hall of Fame’s narrow end Shannon Sharp did not back down when she stalked Brett Favre for his involvement in an ongoing welfare scandal in Mississippi.

Let’s get one thing straight – Shannon Sharp doesn’t bite his tongue and definitely didn’t hold back when chasing Favre.

After reports emerged that the Hall of Fame quarterback was embroiled in a welfare scandal, stealing money from citizens in Mississippi (and using the money to help build a volleyball field), Sharpe was rightly upset and summoned the former Packer.

“You have to be an unfortunate prankster to steal from the lowest… Brett Favre takes away from the underprivileged. I made over $100 million in the NFL!”

Evangelism Shannon. I preach. Let it come out and don’t back down. The incident was so bad that award-winning author Jeff Perlman repudiated his book on Favre.

Shannon Sharp criticized Brett Favre for his involvement in a welfare scandal in Mississippi

Texts from Brett Favre Shows his involvement.

NBC She stated that the welfare funds in question were part of the $86 million the federal government gives to Mississippi each year to lift families out of poverty. Nancy New, also a defendant in the case, has already pleaded guilty to the charges. One has to wonder if Favre is next.

This is just an overall bad look for Favre, and those are some serious charges. Again, Sharpe wasn’t the only one to invite Favre for this, and he certainly won’t be the last to do so.

The barrage of popular outrage has only just begun, and it is not going to die anytime soon.

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