“Stay away from fake friends” — Lady warns as she recounts how she was poisoned by a female friend (video)

A Nigerian lady has recounted how she almost lost the use of one of her legs after she was poisoned by her female friend.

In a video trending online, the lady, identified as @mhizfavy30 on TikTok, detailed her ordeal and warned people to beware of fake friends.

Recalling her experience, the young lady said it all started with an excruciating pain in leg which she treated with over-the-counter drugs but the pain only increased.

She said she could not walk for more than a month and went to different places for a cure but she was told that she would not be able to walk again and would be confined to a wheel chair.

Her hope was ignited again after she met a prophet who healed her completely. According to her, they discovered that she was poisoned by her friend, and the prophet made incisions on her leg to prevent the poison from spreading further.

The young lady, who shared videos of the treatment she underwent before she got well, thanked God for healing her. She also shared videos as proof that she can now walk and use her leg freely.

Watch the video below…

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