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Steph Curry boldly says the Celtics are better off without Kevin Durant

Steve Curry thinks the Boston Celtics are better off after not trading him for Kevin Durant because they had to give up an important talent to get him.

Kevin Durant was known to be available for a large portion of the NBA offseason, yet no team ended up trading for him. why?

Part of it is leverage, which the Brooklyn Nets have had absolutely none since Durant’s trade order was so public. The other part, though, is the balance of the roster, and Steve Curry highlighted that tension in a recent interview with Rolling Stone, and how it relates to the Boston Celtics’ rumored interest in Durant.

Steve Curry suggests the Celtics would be better off without Kevin Durant

In a profile by rolling rockHere’s how they described it Curry is likely to trade the Celtics for Durant:

He said of the Boston Celtics, “They have a little bit of everything, but they’re going to have to deal with the organizational transition to get rid of Jaylen.” [Brown]. It is a pivotal piece. …had they done it—”Curry broke his fingertips in a blast, and agreed with Snoop that Durant was better off staying with the Nets.

Curry also denounced Durant’s desire to move to the different teams on his wish list, saying it wasn’t actually rooted because those teams would have to change drastically to get a deal done.

Balancing the menu is important, and having to give up several good pieces for one great one isn’t always a good move. After all, concentrating so much of your team’s talent into one piece can be a risky bet.

Still a bold claim from Carrie. Unlike other teams that may have to part with several players to strike a deal, Celtics rumors have mainly centered on Jaylen Brown and test shots. Brown is a standout player, at his core, but does he bring them closer to the title than Durant? Most will say no.

Durant is a confirmed star with 12 All-Star games under his belt, Player of the Season, two MVP Finals, and two titles. Brown, as Curry notes, is important on both ends and in multiple dimensions to the game, but he has the appearance of a lone All-Star and usually isn’t the best player on the planet at any given time. Durant is usually.

At the end of the day, Brown will start the Celtic season and Durant iNet. Everything happens here.

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