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Surfside Girls: 10 Movies & TV Shows Where You've Seen The Cast

Surfside Girls dropped its first season on Apple TV+ last month, opening to positive reactions by fans of children’s fantasy shows. Starring Miya Cech and YaYa Gosselin, the show deals with the friendship of two girls with opposite personalities as they encounter a ghost and a pirate treasure going down a rabbit hole of supernatural mystery.

Apart from the newcomer leads, the show’s ensemble also boasts some names associated with mainstream sitcoms and fantasy shows, such as the Superman spin-off, Krypton, and the Netflix classroom comedy, Mr. Iglesias.

Miya Cech plays one of the show’s leads Jade who, along with her best friend Sam, explores the coming-of-age experience against the backdrop of ghost sightings.

Before Surfside Girls, Kech can be spotted in the Netflix sci-fi flick Rim of the World and the 2019 Are You Afraid Of The Dark revival. While the original was one of the best Nickelodeon live-action shows of the ’90s, the reboot pretty much succeeds in replicating its predecessor’s legacy. The style of each episode is the same, with a group of kids calling themselves the Midnight Society who assemble every night to tell each other paranormal stories. Kech gets a lead role as the Society member, Akiko.

The charismatic and curious Sam in Surfside Girls is played by YaYa Gosselin, who has credits like the drama series 13 Reasons Why and the dramedy Dr. Bird’s Advice for Sad Poets to her name.

But her breakout role can arguably be her stint as the lead in We Can Be Heroes. With Robert Rodriguez bringing back the zany, self-aware humor of his Spy Kid movies, We Can Be Heroes is set in a world where aliens take over the planet and abduct all superheroes, forcing Gosselin’s Missy Moreno to bring her retired superhero parents back in action. The young actress stars alongside other high-profile co-stars, such as Pedro Pascal and Priyanka Chopra.

The pirate spirit Remi is another main character on Surfside Girls, who befriends the two protagonists and guides them towards an ancient treasure.

The character is played by newcomer Spencer Hermes-Rebello, who was also seen in Troppo earlier this year. The Australian crime thriller stars Thomas Jane and Nicole Chamoun as a disgraced ex-cop and a private investigator who join forces to unearth the secrets behind the disappearance of a Korean tech-billionaire. Hermes-Rebello is credited as “Older Brother” in the pilot episode, his first screen credit before Surfside Girls.

Bob is one of Surfside Girls‘ recurring characters played by Sons Of Anarchy (and its spin-off, Mayans MC) alumnus Jacob Vargas.

On a lighter note, Vargas has also had a main role in Mr. Iglesias, the high-school comedy centering around comedian Garbiel Iglesias’ titular character. The feel-good sitcom deals with Mr. Iglesias’ misadventures in dealing with his class of misfit kids. He is assisted by the equally good-natured history teacher, Tony Ochoa, played by Vargas.

Sonita Henry can be seen in Surfside Girls playing the empathetic Dr. Pfeiffer. Perhaps Henry’s most popular screen credit is Krypton, in which she plays the recurring character, Raika.

Set two centuries before Superman’s birth, Krypton details the chaotic times of the titular planet and the political conspiracies that eventually lead to its downfall. Cameron Cuffie plays the lead character Seg-el, the future grandfather of Superman. Henry’s Raika is a member of an underground sect who is rescued by Seg-el from state persecution. Since then, she turns out to be one of his loyal assistants.

Catia Ojeda plays Monica in Surfside Girls, but this isn’t her first role in the children’s fantasy genre, as she also had a major role in the Amazon Prime Video family series, Just Add Magic.

The show deals with a group of young baking enthusiasts who accidentally stumble upon a magical cookbook. Olivia Sanabia stars as the protagonist, Kelly Quinn, while Ojeda plays her mother, Terri, a woman who harbors political dreams of becoming the town’s Mayor. Eventually, her mayoral dreams play a crucial role in some episodes.

One of the show’s guest stars includes Joseph Mesiano, who plays a pirate ghost called Captain Devar. The Canadian actor has had a diverse career but somehow playing Jesus has been a recurring theme.

In 2016 alone, Mesiano played Jesus in the faith-based films Joseph & Mary and The Apostle Peter: Redemption. The latter is a fictionalized account of the final days of the apostle and future saint Peter, as he struggles with his own perception of Christ and the Draconian rule of the Roman Emperor Nero.

Amy Lee, a recurring character in six episodes of Surfside Girls, is played by Michelle Mao. After acting in several video shorts, Mao was involved with the English dubs of international shows on Netflix such as the Thai survival drama, The Stranded, and the Japanese apocalyptic horror, Sweet Home.

More recently, she can be seen as Lisa Randall in the 2022 Netflix comedy Metal Lords, which deals with two high-school best friends starting their own metal band.

Christine Lin appears in five episodes of Surfside Girls as the character Mei-Lin. Her live-action parts include bit roles in Gossip Girl, The Blacklist, and American Horror Story.

However, she is also gifted as a voice actor, having provided additional voices in the video game Ghost Of Tsushima and the 2019 animated movie Abominable, which deals with three teenagers rescuing a Yeti and delivering her safely to her mother. In the latter, she voices several background characters.

Logan Evan Gray is another one of the rising stars of Surfside Girls, playing Miles in five episodes. His other major screen credit had been an episode of the horror comedy anthology series Just Beyond, which is based on the writings of Goosebumps author R.L. Stine.

Gray appears in a season 1 episode titled “Standing Up For Yourself.” The premise includes a 13-year-old bully who terrorizes the residents of an idyllic neighborhood until he picks the wrong target. Gray plays an even younger version of the bully as the audience is given a glimpse into his origins.

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