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Team Batman writer Matson Tomlin and Lee Bermejo for the Assassin Time Travel series

bubble! Studios is home to a new original series of Batman Screenwriter Mattson Tomlin and artist DC Lee Bermejo. vicious circle It is a new three-issue mini-series launched in December that features time travel, murder, violence, and revenge. In addition to participating in writing the script for Batman 2Tomlin is also a screenwriter for the Netflix superhero movie Project Strength Starring Jamie Foxx, a model of the Netflix anime series based on position or terminationHe is writing the script for Netflix, starring Keanu Reeves. BRZRKR, which is based on BOOM! Studio Series. Lee Bermejo is famous for his art in Batman: Cursed And the joker For DC, he will change his art style to suit different time periods vicious circle Explores.

“Lee Bermejo is an artist of the highest caliber, and partnering with him as we push each other down the maelstrom of involuntary time travel has been a uniquely satisfying experience,” Tomlin said. “I am so excited to have you join us on this journey that reveals the good, the bad, and the sinister meaning of life.”

vicious circle It’s a passionate project and the most challenging thing I’ve done in my career so far. Bermejo said this is thanks to a collaboration with Mattson, whose talent for bringing the intimacy and nuances of epic genre concepts helps make them feel as personal as it is flowery. “It is also an opportunity for us to embrace and play with it. What makes the medium of sequence art so unique and gives readers a stylistic experience tailored to each sequence.”

a description vicious circle It reads, “Sean Thacker is a trained assassin from the future who seeks revenge on the only other man in his plight – every life they take forces them to involuntarily travel between very different eras in the past and the future. It stretches from the 22nd century to 1950s Tokyo.” From Orleans to the Cretaceous period and beyond, two rivals engaged in a battle of wills spanning millions of years, all to change the course of history.”

“Matson and Lee bring an astonishing level of talent and artistry to this series that defies every expectation you might have for a comic book series, from Lee’s experimentation with style and execution on every page to Matson’s scripting a story spanning billions of years,” said Sierra Han, Executive Editor, BOOM studios.” Raw and original in every way, vicious circle It’s the next big series that you can’t miss! “

Keep reading to take a look at the covers and get a first look at them vicious circle #1. The release will go on sale in December.


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