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The classic Disney Channel series is heading to broadcast for the first time

In the three years since its launch, Disney+ has been steadily adding beloved Disney movies and shows from years past to its streaming collection. The big hits were in the service when they arrived, but some other titles throughout the company’s history have taken a little longer to appear. Next month, one of Disney Channel’s most beloved shows from the late ’90s and early 2000s is finally making its way to Disney+, and its streaming debut is cause for celebration.

We are talking about PB & J Otter, the animated series for children that aired in the Disney Channel nursery known as Playhouse Disney. The beloved series that follows three otter siblings ran for three seasons from 1998 to 2000. But over the past few years, PB & J Otter It was impossible to find it on streaming services. It wasn’t even available to buy or rent digitally. That changes in October, when all three seasons make their way to Disney+.

On Thursday, Disney+ released the full list of movies and shows making their way into its lineup in October. PB & J Otter It was surprisingly included in the list, as all of its episodes arrived on Wednesday, October 19. Those who have grown up with the fun-loving trio will have the chance to return to Houhau Lake for some adventure.

What’s Coming to Disney+ in October?

PB & J Otter It’s just one of many titles making their way to Disney+ next month. The month will consist of new episodes of shows like AndorAnd the She-Hulk: Attorney at LawAnd the Dancing with the stars every week. The service will also add other library titles, such as Bear in the big blue houseAnd the Spider-Man: The New Animated SeriesAnd the The Amazing Spider-Man.

On October 7, Disney+ will release the first Marvel Studios special presentation: werewolf at night. The black and white horror special surprised D23 fans with its classic vibe and quickly became one of the most awaited titles for streaming celebrities.

Are you excited to see PB & J Otter Finally making its way to broadcasting? Let us know in the comments!


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