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The Google Play Store will now provide device-specific ratings and reviews

The great thing about Android is that it can live on many devices. We have smartphones, tablets, refrigerators, and in-car entertainment systems, and the list could really go on. With a wide range of Android devices, you also get a wide range of different experiences. This is where having a unified app evaluation and review system starts to show its problems. Even though the app may garner high praise from thousands, hundreds may also encounter issues. For this reason, Google has announced plans to make its Play Store rating system more personalized by adding a device-specific rating filter. Fortunately, that change finally arrived about a year after its initial announcement.

Mishaal Rahman from Esper discovered the implementation of this new system in the Google Play Store, which should now be available to all users. The description of the change states that to make ratings and reviews more relevant, the Google Play Store will display ratings “based on the device they are using,” with “enable users on phones to further filter by country or region. By opening the Google Play Store, users will be greeted with With a message telling them how the ratings are calculated, informing them that the ratings will be based on recent reviews and that the reviews shown will be from those in the same area using the same type of device.Moreover, if you want a review that meets the needs of the specific device you own, you can go to the filter tab within Review section and filter reviews by device model.

While this is a good first step, some areas can still use some work. As Rahman pointed out, foldable devices are still classified by Google as tablets. While this won’t cause a major problem, further improvements can be implemented to make the system more succinct, considering the changing landscape of mobile devices.

source: Mishaal Rahman (Twitter), Android Police

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