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The keys to the prosecution of Fernando Sabag Montiel and Brenda Uliarte for the attack against Cristina Kirchner | Details of the resolution of Judge María Eugenia Capuchetti & More Latest News Here


In the case of the attack on Cristina Fernandez de KirchnerThe judge Maria Eugenia Capuchetti processed in the evening of this Thursday at Fernando Sabag and Brenda Uliarte for the crime of attempted murder aggravated by the use of firearmstreachery and the premeditated contest of two or more persons, in addition to the illegal possession of a weapon of warfrom a robbery, and stockpiling of ammunition without legal authorization. The magistrate mentions that also Agustina Diaz She participated in the planning of the attack, but she has not yet been prosecuted because her arrest was more recent. In principle, the charges against Sabag and Uliarte could lead to some 15 years in prison. The judge ordered a embargo for both of 100 million pesos. For Capuchetti, the plan was launched on April 22 when Uliarte bought the weapon illegally, and on July 4 he spoke of killing the vice president “because I have ovaries” and the idea was for Sabag to shoot, to produce a stampede of the militants and he could go on the run. Likewise, they also considered the possibility that after the shot there would be a lynching.

Some novel elements emerge from the 94 pages of the processing. For now, for the first time there is talk of the date of the April 22 as a kickoff, when Uliarte bought the gun. Says the girl in her text messages to two friends, Serena and Fran. “I already have the iron. I bought it because my boss got jede”. It is a strange fact because in reality the Bersa belonged to César Bruno Herrera, a neighbor of Terrada street, where Sabag lived. Still, for Capuchetti it was Brenda Uliarte who got the gun. And the will to kill CFK appears for the first time in a message -already known- from July 4: “I already have the iron and I have the ovaries to hit Cristina with a corchazo”. Everything always adorned with insults.

The messages, keys for processing

The idea of ​​attacking the vice president is reiterated in the messages throughout August, according to the magistrate. The processing text details the sequence of messages.

The August 23rd They talk about rent an apartment in Recoleta. “You have to put a sign to rent it. I don’t like the department, but Cristina is here to hit it with a corchazo. You need a sniper. You saw that the mine is put on the balcony, he pimba, a shot in the head, make her shit ”. The huge question remains: where was the money going to come from to rent an apartment in Recoleta? A move of this type requires 500 thousand pesos, between rent, advance and real estate expenses. The judge does not mention it.

he August 27ththe day it was said that there was a first attempted murder, for the judge in the corner there was only Sabag, while Uliarte was “at home” ready to go to Recoleta. That is when Sabag writes to her that it was not necessary for her to go, that “Cristina has already gone inside” and therefore tells Brenda not to go to Juncal and Uruguay and, presumably, not to carry the weapon. “Don’t bring anything,” she writes to him.

It is that day that Brenda Uliarte has the dialogue with Agustina Díaz telling her: “Today I become San Martín. I ordered Vice Cristina to be killed but she got inside. She didn’t come out because she got inside…”. In this context, as is known, Díaz questions him: “Why did you send that moron?” And he asks, “How much did he charge you?” Everything is transcribed by Capuchetti in an orderly manner and makes more sense than what was known until now. In that chat, Uliarte talks to the “love of my life”, Agustina Díaz, about killing and going to live in another country. And Díaz tells him, between repeated “I love you,” that going elsewhere is not easy and requires money. “I have some money”Brenda replied.

In any case, on the 27th, a part of the plan that was not known is delineated. “These Peronist whores come out shooting if I fire a shot,” says Sabag. And she replies: “The wave is that you put the corchazo and shoot”. In other words, the plan consisted of murdering and fleeing, although also, in that conversation, they considered the possibility that they would catch him and lynch him.

Finally, the judge describes the same September 1st. He affirms that Fernando Sabag and Brenda Uliarte were together all day, first they went to collect rent, then to Quilmes and finally to the corner of Juncal and Uruguay. There Sabag took advantage of the defenseless situation of the vice president, due to the number of people there, approached and activated the weapon. Capuchetti does not conclude why the projectile did not come out, but he transcribes the expert reports that indicate that the gun and the projectiles were capable of killing, although the slide did not work quite well.

The role of the accused

Judge Capuchetti concludes: “I cannot fail to point out that the manner in which the investigated maneuver was carried out reflects the existence of a co-governance of the act by both defendants, insofar as the determination of the manner, time and place of its execution was previously established by them. Likewise, Although it was Sabag Montiel who used the firearm against the victim, the truth is that Uliarte also had an active participation in the execution of the which he was present a few meters from what happened, offering the logistical and moral support for its realization. By virtue of this, both will have to respond as co-perpetrators of the crime of homicide, aggravated by the use of firearms and with treachery and premeditation of two or more people, to a tentative degree, since, from the enumerable reports received, the suitability of the medium used for such purposes was verified, whose realization did not occur for reasons beyond the control of its authors”.

The judge dedicated the final part of the text of the prosecution to the qualification:

* Aggravated attempted murder.

* For him use of firearm.

* By premeditationdue to prior planning and intelligence operations of the previous days.

* Treacherybecause the vice president was defenseless in the middle of the militants and before a person who wanted to shoot her at 35 centimeters.

* The illegal carrying of a weapon of war fire, obtained from a robbery. Although he does not detail it, it is assumed that the pistol was stolen from the family of a deceased neighbor of Sabag.

* Illegal stockpiling of projectiles.

* Illegal possession of a DNI from another person who reported his loss at a recital.

The lawyers consulted by Page 12 They calculate that the defendants face a sentence of around 15 years in prison.

The keys to the prosecution of Fernando Sabag Montiel and Brenda Uliarte for the attack against Cristina Kirchner | Details of the resolution of Judge María Eugenia Capuchetti
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The keys to the prosecution of Fernando Sabag Montiel and Brenda Uliarte for the attack against Cristina Kirchner | Details of the resolution of Judge María Eugenia Capuchetti
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The keys to the prosecution of Fernando Sabag Montiel and Brenda Uliarte for the attack against Cristina Kirchner | Details of the resolution of Judge María Eugenia Capuchetti
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