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The Umbrella Academy: 10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Allison As A Character

The third season of The Umbrella Academy sees some of its main characters make questionable decisions and terrible choices. The team’s Number 3, Allison Hargreeves, has gone down a path that has surprised and terrified most of the fans.

After saving the world in 1963 and returning to 2019, Allison finds out that her daughter does not exist in that timeline, which sent her into an angry downward spiral. Despite her eyebrow-raising and selfish decisions in the most recent season of the show, Allison has shown a lot of compassion and kindness towards her siblings. Her character and time in the show can be explained through the funny internet memes the fans have created.

Just like her siblings, Allison was estranged from Reginald Hargreeves and pursued a life outside the academy. With the help of her powers, Allison has become a successful movie star who married (and divorced) a man named Patrick and has a daughter named Claire.

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Without a doubt, Allison has achieved the most out of all the Hargreeves siblings. The meme makes fun of how her other siblings haven’t accomplished much after they got out of the academy. Meanwhile, Allison has already built her own family and established a thriving career.

The meme pokes fun at the messy romances of the Hargreeves siblings. For one, Allison’s marriage fell apart after her husband discovers that she uses her powers to make her life easier, which includes rumoring her child to make her feel tired and fall asleep.

Allison meets a man named Raymond Chestnut after the Umbrella’s time jump to the sixties, who she then eventually marries. They enjoyed a loving and stable relationship, which unfortunately ended because Allison had to return to her original timeline.

Allison has one of the coolest powers in The Umbrella Academy. Also known as The Rumor in the comics, Allison can make people do whatever she desires by prefacing with the phrase “I heard a rumor.”.

However, it is shown that Allison can do more than just compel people to follow her command. In the show, she killed a handful of soldiers by saying the statement, “I heard a rumor that I blew your minds.” This only shows that Allison can also manipulate reality. The meme references Allison’s reality manipulation powers and pokes fun at how she could easily stop the apocalypse by simply “rumoring” it away.

If not for the fact that she didn’t have her daughter with her, Allison was willing to stay in 1963 just to be with her husband and true love Raymond. However, she had to leave her life in the sixties behind to see her daughter again.

But after landing in a reality where Reginald didn’t adopt the original seven Umbrellas, it also meant that Allison never had the chance to become the Umbrella’s Number Three, become a movie star, and start a family. This ultimately broke Allison and soured her relationship with her siblings, which resulted with her being one of the most unlikable characters in The Umbrella Academy. The meme perfectly describes how awful she was during the recent season of the show, although some empathized with her grief and rage.

During their childhood, Luther and Allison were close. They were even caught by Reginald sneaking out of their rooms to meet up in secret. However, the siblings grew apart as they chose different paths after their time in the academy. After they were brought together due to Reginald’s death, Allison and Luther had a brief affair where they picked up their romance.

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The two even danced and shared a kiss, although both forgot that this happened as the timeline was redone later in the season. While this may seem sweet, the meme implies that viewers can’t help but feel uncomfortable since Allison and Luther grew up together as adopted siblings.

It was unthinkable for any of the Umbrellas to trust their father again, especially after experiencing a troubled childhood under his hands. However, many of them still hold out for Reginald to turn around, as seen with Klaus’ attempt to know his father better as well as their meeting with him at Hotel Oblivion during the second season of the show.

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The meme makes fun of Allison, who in her desperation made a deal with Reginald which involved persuading the other siblings to explore the mysteries Hotel Oblivion holds. However, this came with a price, as both Luther and Klaus were killed by Reginald before they were even able to cross the portal inside the hotel.

In the third season of the show, Allison didn’t hold herself back and embraced her selfishness. Due to the loss of her husband and daughter, Allison, although highlighting her credentials as one of the bravest Umbrella Academy characters, went on a destructive path that might have permanently damaged her relationship with her siblings.

After stopping Reginald, Allison was given the option to do whatever she wants using her father’s mysterious machine. The meme illustrates how despite seeing the life force from her siblings get drained, Allison still chose to reset the timeline and be in one where both Claire and Raymond exist.

Growing up, Allison had it easy thanks to her mental manipulation powers. She can freely get anything she wants simply by “rumoring” them. It was even implied in the show that she used her powers on her husband Patrick to make him fall in love with her.

However, her deliberate desire to take the easy route has caused her a lot of misery. The meme depicts how Patrick witnessed Allison “rumoring” their child to sleep, which was mainly the reason why he divorced the Umbrella’s Number Three.

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