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Timothée Chalamet Teases Willy Wonka Prequel Movie’s Musical Numbers

The upcoming Wonka movie contains an amazingly large number of songs. Paddington helmer Paul King is helming the forthcoming WB musical fantasy as a prequel to acclaimed children’s author Roald Dahl’s award-winning 1964 novel, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Dahl’s book has been adapted into feature films before – once in 1971 with Mel Stuart’s Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory and another time in 2005 with Tim Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. But Wonka marks the first instance when the backstory of the book’s eccentric chocolatier, Willy Wonka is being explored, with the sensational Dune and Dune: Part 2 star Timothee Chalamet tackling the title role.

Plot details on Wonka remain slim, and not much is known about the movie apart from the fact that it will chart the adventures of a young Wonka prior to his inauguration of the legendary chocolate factory. Besides Chalamet, the movie also includes the top talent from Hollywood, with the likes of Rowan Atkinson, Sally Hawkins, Keegan-Michael Key, Jim Carter, and Olivia Colman attached to star in undisclosed roles. Earlier, the movie broke the internet when the first pictures of Chalamet in costume as Wonka surfaced, and now there is some additional information that will also add to the hype around the film.

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In a conversation with British Vogue, Chalamet confirms that he would be reprising seven musical numbers in Wonka. Chalamet also discussed that people have been getting the tone of the movie wrong when the film is actually hilarious and cheerful. Read what he said below

Wonka has been rumored to be packed to the brim with musical and dance numbers, hence, the new comments from Chalamet confirm those reports to be true. Previous set videos from the movie have already confirmed that Chalamet would sing in Wonka, but the amount of songs he is performing is absolutely incredible and unexpected. There is no doubt that there is a lot of excitement and anticipation to see Chalamet sing for the first time on the big screen – the young star has already left the masses impressed with his compelling and poignant performances, and now he is all set to win a lot of hearts with his musical talents, which, as previously teased by Wonka set videos, are exemplary and offer audiences a dose of jubilant and spirited entertainment.

Additionally, Chalamet has re-affirmed that Wonka isn’t a dark and sadistic origin story; rather, it’s a more heartfelt, well-meaning movie with a playful tone, meaning that the movie would potentially be accessible to be watched by all audiences in cinemas regardless of age restrictions. This is considerably important as the light-hearted tone of the movie allows the work of Dahl to be introduced to a completely new generation of kids in a way that resonates with them and gets them connected with the world of classic children’s literature. True, people have expressed skepticism about Chalamet’s selection for the role, but as new details continue to manifest, the star has committed to the part all-embracingly, and he is harnessing his full potential to do justice to the character. That said, only time will tell if Wonka proves to be a worthy prequel to the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory stories that have been told in the past.

Source: British Vogue

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