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Today fewer buses are running across the country due to strike | NOW

Fewer buses are running today in almost the entire country due to a strike by public transport employees. This concerns personnel from regional transport operators such as Connexxion, EBS, Qbuzz, Syntus, Keolis and Arriva. NS trains do run, just like city transport in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague.

The strikes are the result of a conflict between the trade union FNV and the public transport companies about wages and workload. The union wants to make better agreements about this in a new collective labor agreement, but has so far not been able to reach an agreement with the carriers. Other unions have already agreed.

It is difficult for the carriers to estimate exactly how big the consequences for the timetable will be. They only know on the day itself how many people are on strike and how many bus rides cannot continue as a result. They advise travelers to consult the trip planner shortly before departure.

This does not only concern buses, but also some trams and trains. For example, U-OV has announced that fewer trams are running in Utrecht, while Arriva, for example, does not run any trains in Limburg.

Public transport in the three largest cities – Rotterdam (RET), Amsterdam (GVB) and The Hague (HTM) – does run according to a timetable, just like the trains of NS.

The actions are a follow-up to earlier strikes last spring. The employees also laid down their work across the country last week. On Friday, some of the striking staff will go to The Hague to protest.

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