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Tom Cruise meets a local couple in the middle of doing crazy paragliding stunts, because of course

Tom Cruise has been a legend in Hollywood for years, but lately he really is He made a name for himself as a quintessential action star. This is largely due to his roles in franchises like Better And the Mission: Impossibleboth of which led to Some really outrageous stunts. Cruz recently met a local couple in the middle of doing crazy hang gliding stunts, of course.

Tom Cruise is currently working hard in photography Mission: Impossible – Dead Account – Part Twowhile fans are patiently waiting for the highly anticipated release of part One. This process is not surprising He put the 60-year-old actor in more dangerous situations Like Ethan Hunt. A couple recently met him while filming in the UK, and they also engaged with him Northern Echo:

He was really nice, polite and down to earth. Tom Cruise apologized for the noise of the helicopters and asked if we were ok. He was making sure everyone he wanted to have his picture taken with him. We were the last to get his picture and he parachuted off the mountain back to his camp next to Battermer.

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