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Top 10 Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon episodes, ranked

Just like the helpless spirits of the Night King’s army, the surrounding noise Game of thrones has been revived. HBO broke new ground with Game of thrones And it changed television forever, turning a series of fantasy novels into one of the biggest shows ever in the process. However, the final season left a bad taste in many fans’ mouths, and many questioned if any of the potential spin-offs HBO had planned could bring the franchise back to the fore of the social conversation.

Dragon HouseAs it turns out, I did exactly that. Prequel series, set over 100 years ago Game of thronesis on the minds of TV fans around the world, reminding us all of how much we miss the original series.

With the George RR Martin franchise back on top, the first season of Dragon House About halfway through, I felt it was the right time to remind ourselves why we’ve loved these shows for so long. What better way to do that than to think about the best episodes the two shows have done so far?

Below, we break down the top 10 episodes of both Game of thrones And the Dragon House. Take a look and let us know if you agree!

Honorable Mention: “The Second of His Name” (House of the Dragon 1×03)

(Photo: HBO)

“The Second From His Name” The third episode of Dragon HouseIt will likely improve in the eyes of fans as the series continues. It’s a well-paced, exciting watch that lays a lot of foundation for the most important characters in the show. It also contains what may be Paddy Considine’s best performance as King Viserys to this point, wrestling with the concept of fate versus reality.

Everything that happens in The Hunt for the King is brilliantly written and beautifully executed, but it pales in comparison to the last chapter of the episode. The conflict in the Stepstones is what everyone will remember when they look back at this.

Matt Smith stole the entire episode with his performance as the Devil in the last 15 minutes, a feat made even more impressive when you realize he doesn’t deliver a single line. Daemon takes the fight to the Crabfeeder and defeats him in a brutal and cunning manner, instantly earning legions of fans who despised him in the first two episodes.

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10. “Spoils of War” (Game of Thrones 7×04)

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People like to complain about the bleakness of some big fights Game of thrones be. This complaint does not apply at all to “The Spoils of War,” one of two episodes from upcoming Fantastic Four director Matt Shakman.

This episode arrived in the middle of the show’s penultimate season and delivered some of the moments fans have been waiting for, like Jon Snow and Daenerys getting together or Arya’s finally returning to Winterfell. However, what really sets this episode apart is the massive battle between Daenerys and the Lannister forces.

The devastation of the battle taking place in the ring plays in stark contrast to its general brightness. Conflict rages in broad daylight, sunlight illuminates every second of violence.

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9. “Heirs of the Dragon” (Dragon House 1 x 01)

House of the Dragon - Game of Thrones - Targaryen - Family Tree - Timeline - Explained.
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next Game of thrones It felt like an impossible task on multiple fronts. Any spin-off, sequel, or prequel had to bring back the excitement and magic of one of the biggest shows in television history. It also had to make many fans forget a lot of shame Game of thrones Conclusion. Dragon HouseThe series premiere achieved both in an exceptional way.

The Dragon Heirs reminded every fan to watch why they love it Game of thrones Primarily, with sharp writing and incredible performances from the entire group. It also instantly informs viewers that he was doing his own thing. Containing the story for one family and spending a long time dealing with each individual’s personal narratives, Dragon House She immediately felt more intimate than before.

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8. The Door (Game of Thrones 6×05)

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“The Door” is tragic on several fronts. Daenerys, Jorah, and Sansa all manage to bring tears to viewers’ eyes, but it’s Hodor who opens the doors in the end. One of the series’ saddest moments is also one of its biggest twists.

As Bran and his crew try to escape the zombies, we finally know Hodor’s story, and why his name was all he ever says. Bran’s control over his mind had basically corrupted Hodor’s years and years of mind, planting the “Hold the Door” message in his mind forever. He repeated it all his life until it was finally time to fulfill his destiny.

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7. “Knight of the Seven Kingdoms” (Game of Thrones 8×02)

Knight of the Seven Kingdoms brienne.jpg
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There is a lot in the final Game of thrones The season is worth getting frustrated with, but “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms” is almost perfect from start to finish.

The last two seasons of Game of thrones Full of massive battles and action scenes. “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms” fits this trend and gives us a final episode that’s really all about the characters. It’s the calm before the storm. Some of the series’ best writing culminates in the beautiful moment Prynne was knighted, a highlight of Season 8.

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6. “The Rain of Castamere” (Game of Thrones 3×09)

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“The Rain of Castamere” is not the most devastating episode in The Rain of Castamere Game of thronesmay be one of television’s most devastating episodes in over a decade.

This is, of course, the episode that showcases the red wedding. Stark often acted as heroes early on Game of thrones The seasons, and any hope you had of the people of Westeros settled with the wings of Winterfell. This hope not only died in “The Rain of Castamere”, it was utterly slain.

Even for those who have read George R.R. Martin’s book Ice Fire song And knowing the massacre was about to happen, the episode was still very painful, centered on an amazing performance by Michelle Fairley.

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5. The Winds of Winter (Game of Thrones 6×10)

Game of Thrones The Winds of Winter. jpg
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Hard to remember an episode of game of thronethat kept you on the edge of your seat as long as the “wind of winter”. This episode is the culmination of everything that happened to that point in the series, the beginning of the final chapter of the story officially.

Jon Snow becomes King of the North. Danny finally started to regain her throne. Arya crosses out one of the top names on her list by killing Walder Frey (after pulling Sweeney Todd and feeding him his sons). But the best and perhaps the most important event of the episode takes place in King’s Landing, as Cersei enacts her plan to become queen.

Cersei’s story comes together brilliantly as she watches the dominos fall around her, but her victory comes at a price. Tommen kills himself by jumping out of his window in one of the most disturbing moments on the show, and Cersei immediately shows the consequences of her actions. The Cherry on Top is Composer Ramin Djiaudi’s “Light of the Seven”, a stress-inducing piano song that must be mentioned among the best compositions ever seen on TV.

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4. “Battle of the Bastards” (Game of Thrones 6×09)

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do you believe Game of thrones Brought a battle of the size brave heart And the the Lord of the Rings for TV? “Battle of the Bastards” will always be remembered as one of the show’s most impressive achievements, and for good reason.

Thanks to a life of never-ending memes, the image of Jon Snow standing alone against the charged horses of the Ramsay Bolton Army will forever be in our brains. But let’s not forget how awesome that moment you experience during the episode, no matter how many times you’ve watched it. It’s the culmination of one of the clearest “good versus evil” struggles that Game of Thrones has ever presented, and it managed to get nearly every fan out of their seats the night it first aired.

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3. “Baelor” (Game of Thrones 1×09)

baelor-game-of-thrones-ned-stark.jpg. baelor-game-of-thrones-ned-stark.jpg
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Those who read “A Song of Ice and Fire” knew that Ned Stark was supposed to die early. Game of thrones. It happened in the books, after all. But Sean Bean was the biggest star of the show. Sitting on the Iron Throne read “Winter is Coming” on all posters and .s. It was this for him turns out. Don’t kill your biggest star before the end of season one.

Well, if you do that Game of thrones. The death of Ned Stark stands for a moment Game of thrones He proved that anything can happen to anyone, and he changed the way we watch television to this day.

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2. “Blackwater” (Game of Thrones 2 x 09)

Game of Thrones Blackwater Wildfire. jpg
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The biggest conflict of the second season reached its climax in “Blackwater”, and the battle that followed is what showed this to fans Game of thrones It can pull huge high-octane action sequences.

Stannis Baratheon’s attack on King’s Landing combines land and sea warfare to create an experience that lasted more than a decade after that. The battle drama is more impressive than the action, despite pitting fans against themselves as they try to figure out how they would like to change the whole thing. It is impossible to be completely happy with the result, because good will lose and evil will triumph no matter who is actually claiming victory. The moral puzzle of this episode is Game of thrones At its best.

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1. “Hardhome” (Game of Thrones 5×08)

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Lots of events all the time game of thrones Surprising first-time viewers. The series delightfully shocked the audience. But “Hardhome” is a case where an entire episode and entire story line surprises you. You don’t see it coming, but its final frame makes you wish it never ended.

“Hardhome” takes place north of the Wall, as fan-favorite duo Jon Snow and Tormund Giantsbane head to the town of Hardhome to help a group of wild people. There, the Night King and the White Walkers erected them. Their attack is intimidating (no pun intended), and the chaotic and unpredictable nature of the combat makes it all the more exciting.

The final scene of “Hardhome” is the moment the Night King controls viewers and reminds them that the show is about him and not about anyone else. You will never forget the horror of watching him raise his arms and raise slaughtered wild animals from the dead.



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