Trey Lance found strange way to deal with bear loss

Trey Lance appeared almost out of the blue in the 2021 NFL draft. He was a prolific player for a season in the state of North Dakota, where he threw no interception all year. That, along with his obvious physical gifts and much-celebrated intelligence, helped him to be drafted third overall, ahead of more proven options like Justin Fields and Mac Jones. Then the San Francisco 49ers sat him all year.

So expectations were high as he entered his first season as a starter. The conditions were not ideal. Soldier Field was drenched by one of the largest downpours in recent Chicago memory. The Bears defense made it worse and constantly harassed him. Lance finished the day with 164 yards passing and an interception. He only completed 46% of his passes. Chicago kept him on 10 points and came away with a big win.

A typical quarterback grumbles for 24 hours, shakes it off, and goes back to work during the week. Apparently Lance didn’t quite get that memo. A video surfaced of him enjoying the company of some…ahem…ladies of the night.

Trey Lance probably won’t make friends if that’s real.

Quarterbacks are expected to be the leaders of the team. They set the tone on and off the field. Tom Brady wouldn’t be caught raining down $100 bills after a loss. He would probably be in the movie room, obsessed with what went wrong and working like he was made to fix it. That’s a distraction. In all fairness, Lance is 22 years old. By NFL standards, he’s still a kid. Doing things like that is natural, especially after getting his first multi-million dollar contract.

Still, it’s unlikely that fans or the media will rate such activity favorably. The 49ers have high hopes for this season. They were in the NFC Championship last year. It’s a squad ready to win. That won’t happen if their young quarterback doesn’t take this seriously. Perhaps that’s another reason Bears fans should be thankful to Fields. His workaholic mentality would have kept him sleeping in Halas Hall all week.

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