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Viewers are harsh at the next performance of Małgorzata Rozenek in “DDTVN”: “Less about yourself, because you are MRS.” & More Breaking News


By joining the ranks of the hosts Good morning TVN, Małgorzata Rozenek She was well aware that she was risking a collision with unfavorable opinions of a large number of viewers. Most people watching the usual breakfast line had the opportunity to form an opinion about the celebrity before, so there was no question of making a “good first impression”. Rozenek, however, declared that she was fully ready for the words of criticism, as she was convinced that she would convince the audience over time.

As you can see the first few episodes with the participation Rozenek so far it was not enough to win the hearts of the whole audience. On Thursday, right after the star’s shift, Internet users went to the Instagram profile Good morning TVNto share your views on Małgorzata’s journalistic workshop. Unfortunately, the assessments were largely extremely harsh, which only proves that Gosia’s recognition is a big obstacle in this case.

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I’m watching for the first time with this pair of hosts. Mr. Krzysztof ok, but Ms. Majdan to be changed, i.e. to resign; Mrs. Małgorzata, a little less about myself, more restraintbecause you will tire us; Jokes, interruptions, mistakes and limited vocabulary, unfortunately I tried to watch, but it hurts. I understand that everyone needs time to implement, but with a live program, this time is not; They had Pieńkowska, and now they have Rozenek. Eventually, the viewers get their way and fly out.

Of course, there were also a few voices appreciating the work of Rozenek and her screen partner Krzysztof Skórzyński.

The program is very good to watch with them; Małgorzata looks good and works well in this program, Krzysztof is a very intelligent and talented guy;

Do you think that viewers will look at Małgorzata with a friendlier eye one day?


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No offense, but I’m on it. Let’s give someone who has finished journalism a chance to test themselves. There are so many capable, intelligent people, but they don’t have the systems to get somewhere without knowing where they need them.

I don’t even try to watch. I’m not going to and now.

Not suitable for this program

How can he make “spelling mistakes” live? : P

Latest comments (836)

Szulim is clearly not very happy with Goni’s stay in DDTVN

People learn, study journalism, pay money for study and then it’s hard to find a job because Rozenek, after acquaintance without diction, simply takes places for them

Not without this Lady. It spoils the atmosphere of this show.

the children of the Piscean treasurers have it.

This lead daddy is ok. But this mommy to be replaced !!!!

No, no, I’m sorry, but you’re not suitable for the program

Well, such a promotion from the cleaning lady to the lady running the program, it could not be successful, you can not just watch it.

This is what happens when you try to force anyone into a celebrity. You seem to learn all your life, but in this case it will not work.

A failure from her, how did she get this job? No diction, screeching voice, poor vocabulary, artificial behavior and all plastic. How on earth did she graduate ??? TVN – Rozenkowa is your failure, you kick yourself Dec.

I know what I’m saying…

2 hours. ago

I am against! Ms R has neither an idea for this program, nor a diction, a terrible voice that is hard to listen to… I’m totally at it! Give journalists a chance, not celebrities. Epic fail.

No offense, but … a defeat! Bravo tvn, if you continue to make such decisions, you will lose the viewer, that’s it. 😁

Mrs. Małgorzata, it is not about trying to convince you as leading quite a demanding program. There is either professionalism, charisma, class and undeniable sympathy here, or there is no such thing. And we, the viewers, see it and it is not “a matter of taste” but universal values. I personally feel a little embarrassed, and it shouldn’t be like that. And I do not understand why the decisive TVN team does such experiments doomed to failure. So many or no qualities you have, speak against it. Please, so much mediocrity around us, so add to our misery in culture, entertainment, science, etc.

Sorry but she doesn’t fit in there and she’s just boring

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