WARMINGTON: Police Killer Loaded Gun, Bad Plan, Extreme Patience

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This police killer had himself cleaned with a shower before starting his deadly killing spree.

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In the hours before he wreaks havoc, photos of Sean Petrie show a pensive, emotionless look on his face. But just four hours before he started his shooting – starting with the murder of Toronto Police Const. Andrew Hong – the 40-year-old went to his gym for a shower and maybe a workout.

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After about 45 minutes at the Good Life Fitness in Meadowvale Mall, where he had a membership, Petrie drove 10 minutes north to a Tim Hortons on Argentia Rd. and waited in his parked car for over two hours.

“We’re trying to determine where he spent the night?” said a police source. “We know it was in his car, but we don’t know its location.”

Sean Petrie, 40, drove his red Toyota Corolla to a Tim Hortons in Mississauga and waited more than two hours before embarking on his deadly disaster that began with the shooting of Toronto Police Const. Andrew Hong, 48, without warning. Photo by handout /Regional Police Peel

A change of clothes is a detail under investigation.

Security footage shows Petrie leaving the gym with a red gym bag over his shoulder, dark clothing and headgear. Compare that to footage from inside the Tim Hortons where he’s not wearing a hat but wearing a yellow construction vest.

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Petrie is not believed to have worked in construction, but the police are trying to unravel the mystery of why he committed the heinous crimes and whether the eruption was planned or spontaneous.

What they do know is that Petrie was determined enough to wait more than two hours for a victim, shoot another man and steal his car instead of escaping on his own, going eight miles to Milton to get three more. shooting people, then driving 21 miles to Hamilton, where he died in a cemetery after a shootout with Halton and Hamilton’s agents.

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Police are investigating what kind of weapon and ammunition Petrie used and where they were obtained?

“We know that updated figures show that 90% of crime weapons are smuggled in from the United States,” Steve Tanner, chief of Halton’s regional police, said Thursday. “The gun is with the SIU, but will be sent for testing to learn its history.”

The police want to know more about Petrie’s transactions and movements.

Between going to the gym, changing his looks and clothes, the stoicism, fortitude, stamina, composure and composure to bid his time and methodically map out and execute the logistics of his evil plan, the police that there are more twists and turns to come.

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